Turn to nutmeg aka jaiphal to kickstart your weight loss journey in no time

Spices are known to catalyze your metabolic activity, and that’s why nutmeg works wonders for weight loss. Read on to know more.
nutmeg for weight loss
In a nutshell, nutmeg or jaiphal is all you need for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 2 Nov 2020, 10:53 am IST
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Of course, you can work out hard in the gym to lose that stubborn fat, but what if we tell you about a miracle spice that can accelerate weight loss? Yes, if quick and sustainable weight loss is on your mind, then it’s time to raid your kitchen for nutmeg aka jaiphal.

Since time immemorial, nutmeg has been used for medicinal purposes. And when it comes to your gut, this spice is all you need to keep it in top shape. That means your digestion and metabolism will also be on track. Everything put together will lead to weight loss. 

Amreen Shaikh, a dietitian and nutritionist from Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, suggests that a little less than half a teaspoon or a pinch of nutmeg powder every alternate day can be your tonic for weight loss.

Here’s how nutmeg aids weight loss

1. Nutmeg eliminates toxins from your body, and has digestive properties that can help in increasing metabolism, thereby helping with weight loss.

nutmeg for weight loss
Nutmeg is your detox spice. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It is also known to suppress appetite, because it is rich in fibre. That means no more unwanted binge sessions, which are the real cause of weight gain.

3. Jaiphal helps in fat burn. Yes, this amazing spice contains some essential minerals, and one of them is manganese which helps to break down fats.

4. Nutmeg helps you sleep. Did you know, lack of proper sleep can also lead to weight gain? In case sleepless nights are a cause for trouble, then try nutmeg.

“Nutmeg is great when it comes to the treatment of insomnia or sleeplessness in general. Sleeping better aids in weight loss. You can drink a glass of herbal tea with nutmeg powder to induce a good night’s sleep,” she suggests.

5. Nutmeg is a good antidote for stress. Stress is also a factor that needs to be kept in check, if you want to lose weight.

“Thanks to antioxidants present in nutmeg, it helps in the prevention of oxidative stress in cells. When cells are suffering from oxidative stress, it leads to obesity,” she explains.

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“Please keep a check on the quantity of nutmeg you are consuming, because you can only get all these benefits if you have it in moderation,” says Ms Shaikh.

nutmeg for weight loss
Nutmeg milk is the best when you want to induce sleep. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
The bottom line

Without a doubt, nutmeg is the ultimate wonder spice. Not just weight loss, but nutmeg also helps in dealing with disorders like diabetes, arthritis, etc. But if you are pregnant or allergic to it, then you should stay away from nutmeg.

You can add nutmeg powder to soups, green teas, dal, etc, as consuming it as it is is not the best option. It’s pretty bitter to taste!

So ladies, go nuts for nutmeg and give your weight loss regimen a little push.

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