From reducing acne to fine lines, jaiphal is the ultimate Ayurvedic cure for clear skin

Did that pimple appear out of nowhere? Well then, it’s time to give jaiphal or nutmeg a chance as the perfect home remedy for acne.

Home remedies for acne
Stop worrying about pimples and let nutmeg do its job. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 21 Aug 2020, 13:28 pm IST
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We’ve always heard that eating spicy food could cause a bad case of acne. But, here’s a spice that has always had the power to cure your skin but has been overshadowed by fancy products on market shelves.

Ladies it’s time to nutmeg or jaiphal in your life for the perfect skin.

Jaiphal is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, and copper. To be honest, we need all of these to get a million dollar skin naturally.

Intrigued to know how all these are going to work? So, here are the reasons why nutmeg is the magic ingredient you need for your skin:

1. Nutmeg is the Ayurvedic way to get rid of acne
If you have clogged pores or oily skin that is prone to acne, nutmeg is something you should try for sure. Nutmeg has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help in controlling the sebum production as well as getting rid of the trapped impurities that lead to acne.

Home remedies for acne
With jaiphal you can fix these acne scars. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Jaiphal also works on eczema and dermatitis
Both of these are skin inflammation issues where you tend to get rashes and itchy skin. But, you’ll be glad to hear that jaiphal is anti-inflammatory in nature and applying it has a soothing effect on your skin.

3. Gives you even tone skin
Acne can cause redness and can leave spots on the skin. But, the antiseptic properties of nutmeg will help in the proper exfoliation of your skin, making it even-toned. Also, you can treat the abrasive texture of your skin with it.

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4. Nutmeg can help you get rid of fine lines
Dead skin is one of the biggest reasons behind fine lines, especially around the mouth area. But, the phenolic compounds and flavonoids in nutmeg will work on your skin gently and make it look younger by fighting against free radicals.

Home remedies for acne
Thanks to nutmeg for that ageless skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to apply it?
For a face pack, take a teaspoon of nutmeg powder, add 3 to 4 drops of apple cider vinegar and water. Make a paste and apply it. Once it is dry, dab some water, gently exfoliate, and rinse it. That’s it!

So, dear ladies, all you need to do is add jaiphal to your skincare routine for that perfect skin!

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