Not sleeping too well during this lockdown? Here’s why its normal

Don’t panic if this lockdown is messing with your sleeping pattern. Here’s why this is absolutely normal, according to a psychologist.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 19 May 2020, 19:00 pm IST
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Are you witnessing a difference in your sleeping pattern? Do you think you are sleeping less than you used to? Do you think that something is wrong? Are you blaming the lockdown for this?

Well, well, well…too many questions that might be on your mind but take a deep breath because experts say that it is completely normal. 

According to experts, apart from the lockdown, social distancing and working from home are adding fuel to the fire and therefore, your sleep cycle is at risk of going haywire.

To clear this mess we talked to Sakshi Mandhyan, a psychologist and happiness coach as well as the founder of Mandhyan Care, to make you understand what’s up with your sleeping pattern.

Why aren’t you sleeping like a baby?
Now, let’s rewind to the time when there was no lockdown. You used to go to the gym, office, markets, parties, meetings, and basically, wherever you wanted. Hence, there was a lot of physical and mental activity that was involved. However, now, you’re either stuck at home with not much to do and even if you’re working from home, your physical activity is restricted– resulting in sleep disturbance. 

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According to Mandhyan, these are the four reasons why you are sleeping less nowadays:

1. Anxiety
“There is a lot of anxiety that I see in people around me nowadays. They have multiple questions in their head about this lockdown and infection. This anxiety is, at times, not letting them sleep peacefully,” says Mandhyan.

2. Less exposure to sunlight
Yes, that’s true. According to Mandhyan, natural light is very important for our body. Nowadays, we are only exposed to artificial light that’s there in our homes. Our eyes send signals to our brain that it’s still not nighttime and therefore, the brain doesn’t release the sleeping hormone as it should.

3. Limited movement
“Of course, you are stuck at your home and there is not much of a movement. Due to this, there is less fatigue. Hence, you don’t feel that sleepy,” says Mandhyan.

4. Heavier usage of phone and laptop
The light from your phones impacts your eyes in a similar manner as artificial lights. Hence, your brain doesn’t receive the sleeping sign off from your eyes. Hence, it leads to sleep deprivation.

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Here’s some fun trivia for you: According to an annual study by sleep solutions provider, 44% people indulge in social media and over-the-top (OTT) platforms late into the night. 

This is how you can deal with sleep disturbances
“First thing is to avoid panic if your sleeping pattern is showing changes because during this time, it is absolutely normal and you can rectify it by doing these simple things,” she explains.

1. Exercise for at least 30-minutes every day: You don’t need to indulge in a high-intensity workout but you can choose simpler exercises. “Don’t work out in the evening as exercising releases happy hormones and makes you active. Prefer morning for exercising,” she advises.

2. Expose yourself to the sun daily:
Do it for a few minutes in the morning and evening.

3. Avoid bright lights at home during the evening: Switch on the dim lights two hours before your sleeping time.

4. Neither eat heavy nor starve yourself during night: In both the cases, you won’t be able to sleep. Take a balanced diet in a small portion three hours before your sleeping time.

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5. Use night mode: For your phones and laptops.

“Just adopt these simple techniques and trust me you won’t have any sleep disturbance at all,” she concludes.

So, take a deep breath ladies because there is nothing to worry and just sleep it off!

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