• Mood Music

    Cranky? Anxious! Sad. Confused… We have a lot of moods. Some are dictated by haywire hormones, others by clouds masking sunshine, and many by the circumstances of life. But hey, who says a bad mood must ruin your day? Especially when you’ve got scientifically-curated mindful music on Health Shots to help you cruise through the blues or ride the high. After all, there ain’t nothing that some good music can’t solve.

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  • 7 Days of Nirvana

    Close your eyes, sit comfortably, and focus. So, simple but not so easy—isn’t that how every meditation novice feels? Well, now you can learn the life-changing skill of meditation on Health Shots in just a week, with 7 Days of Nirvana Guided Meditation Journey. You use it reduce Stress or enhance productivity—in either case, healthier and happier days are guaranteed.

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