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We asked 10 Indian women to list one kitchen ingredient that doubles up as a beauty product

Who says that the elixir for beautiful skin must only come from an expensive bottle? Here, Indian women list the kitchen ingredients that work wonders for their skin
Home hacks -- Safest solution for beautiful skin.
Ainee Nizami Updated: 17 Nov 2019, 15:57 pm IST
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For the longest time, my beauty ingredients came from my kitchen. I remember sitting with my cousins as a teenager, and sharing hacks and tips we had read in a magazine or heard from friends. We would mix up some basic food essentials to rub on our faces for healthier skin. In fact, we all grew up with our dadi ma ke nuskhe and boy did they work wonders! 

So, I decided to go back to the basics again and get 10 Indian women to share their favourite kitchen ingredient that doubles up as the best beauty product for their skin. We ended up with a lot more than one ingredient, but hey, the more the merrier, right?!

Read and take notes. PS: You’re welcome! 

Anupama Maurya Chugh, 30, Noida

“Curd can be used in a number of ways to benefit the skin. I mix some besan with it to remove suntan from my body and skin.”

Pallavi Ayyar, 33, Mumbai 

“I always use honey as a face mask. It gives superb results! Also, a mixture of lemon juice, rose water, and glycerine in equal parts applied every night is wonderful for getting rid of spots and acne marks.”

Priyanka Kumari, 36, Mumbai 

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“I grind turmeric and mix it with besan, honey, and yoghurt and use it as a weekly face pack. Ground chironji (also known as charoli) mixed with lemon and yoghurt and applied daily can help lighten scars.”

Sanskrita Joshi, 26, Indore

“I use turmeric as a base and mix in some besan, milk, and ghee and use it as a face pack.”

Kavita Talreja, 48, Mumbai

“Besan and curd with two pinches of turmeric is an effective face scrub and makes my skin glow.”

Shivani Kowadkar, 24, Mumbai

“I rub a slice of tomato on my face to lighten dark spots and prevent blackheads.”

Krati Agarwal, 24, Pune

“I used sugar as a lip scrub. It works amazingly well.”

Mukta Kunte, 42, Mumbai

“I use coarsely ground coffee with coconut oil to exfoliate my skin.”

Shweta Sandhu, 36, Mumbai

“Nutmeg is great for getting rid of acne, and potato juice and peels help lighten dark circles. I also use plain honey on my face to moisturise my skin.”

Taru Bhargava, 40, New Jersey

“Yogurt mixed with turmeric and lemon juice makes for a great face pack”

From the crowd favourite turmeric to the unsung potato, there sure is a wide mix of kitchen ingredients that you can try to cure your skin. Let us know your favourite kitchen ingredient in the comments below.  

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