Baahubali actor Tamannah shares her fitness regime post covid-19 recovery

Earlier this month, actress Tamannaah Bhatia was diagnosed with covid-19. And now she is sharing her journey back to fitness and building stamina. Read on to know more.
Learn about Tamannah Bhatia’s #BacktoFitness regime post-covid. Image courtesy: Facebook/Tamannaah
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 18 Oct 2020, 01:01 pm IST
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In the last few months, covid-19 has hit people from all walks of life—whether it’s entrepreneurs, sportspersons, or Bollywood celebrities. And after Malaika Arora Khan tested positive last month, actress Tamannaah Bhatia, too, fell prey to the virus. 

The Baahubali actor had reported high fever, while filming a web series in Hyderabad. Post diagnosis, she was admitted to a private hospital for treatment for a few days. 

Fortunately, Tamannaah is back on her toes, and she’s doing everything she can to get back her stamina—one step at a time. She gave her audience a sneak peek into her #BacktoFitness regime on Instagram. 

Here’s what she had to say: “It’s time to take baby steps and get back my stamina. This is an extremely important step after recovering from coronavirus. Keep going but make sure you listen to your body.

This is what Tamannaah’s fitness routine entails

Dressed in a V-neck tee and joggers, Tamanaaah can be seen doing a few exercises outdoors, as guided by her instructor Yogesh. In the video, she shares that this is the first time she’s doing any kind of training post her brush with covid-19. 

She starts with a warm-up routine that includes stretching her entire body. Whether it is arm circles, knee lifts or lunges, she does it all! With each rep, she gets better and better. Tamannaah confesses that she didn’t think that she’ll be able to do even this little warm up! 


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The video then shows her getting down on a yoga mat, and practicing a few exercises in the plank position. She jokingly says: “It’s not possible that the virus has made me stronger right? Because I am actually finding this exercise easier now all of a sudden.”

She advises her audience to keep hydrating between exercises. That’s because you sweat a lot when you engage in any kind of physical activity. Drinking water ensures you get the most out of your workout! 

Tamannaah then goes for squats to tone her lower body, and you can see how much she enjoys exercising! And next she tries her hand at push-ups. She says, “At one point, I could do 40 push-ups in one go, but today I am struggling to do 4.”

All in all, she looks super thrilled after the session. She laughs and says, “Let’s go home and eat now.”

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