3 times Kangana Ranaut gave us major fitness goals with her home workouts

Staying at home is no excuse for Kangana Ranaut and she is going full throttle to stay in shape.
Kangana Ranaut
Do it like Kangana Ranaut. Image courtesy: Facebook/Team Kangana Ranaut
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 29 Jul 2020, 10:39 am IST
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The queen bee of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut never fails to impress. The diva is right now in Manali with her family and she is making the most of this time. Being an ectomorph body type, it doesn’t require Kangana far too much effort to stay lean and curvaceous.

But that doesn’t mean Kangana takes her body for granted. If anything, she follows a good fitness routine and her Instagram page proof. In fact, we’ve curated some very basic but fruitful workout exercises from her feed to give fitness goals to all you lazy bums.

1. When burpees met punching
If you are low on time and want to vouch for one exercise that can help you head to toe then choose burpees. From your arms, core, and legs to those glutes, burpees can tone them all. And Kangana has taken this exercise a notch higher by adding punching to it.

If you want lean arms then give this combo a try and let us tell you why. Burpees work on your arms and when you do punching simultaneously, you end up burning more calories and tightening your muscles.

In case you don’t have a punching bag at home then you can use a pillow or a cushion, or even try doing shadow punching.

2. Legs day it is
Who says that staying at home means weight gain? Kangana apparently has lost 5 kilos with her home workouts–that too without fancy machines, barbells, or dumb-bells.


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This Insta video of Kangana is a perfect example of how you can use the stairs in your home to do jumping squats. And you can also see her doing a wall walk which is great for your pelvic muscles and glutes.

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3. A well-sculpted chest is just few pull-ups away
Kangana has a jaw dropping upper body. Chiseled collar bones, well-sculpted shoulders, and traps–all thanks to pull-ups. In this Insta post you can see her doing pulls-ups with resistance bands.


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Although, doing pull-ups is not a child’s play but a resistance band can help you ace this exercise. Also, doing pull-ups regularly can also help you develop your back muscles.

So, learn it from Kangana Ranaut and don’t take your body for granted during this lockdown.

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