Begin 2021 on a healthy note by practicing these 5 yoga asanas that anyone can do!

Let 2021 be a year of good health. These 5 simple yoga asanas can help you stay fit, take stock of your body, and feel calmer.
yoga asanas
Yoga se hoga! Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar
Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar Published: 30 Dec 2020, 16:30 pm IST
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New Year’s is a time to look back on the 12 months that have passed and gauge the level of contribution towards self development and personal growth. The year of 2020 was a challenging one for people across the globe in terms of financial, emotional, personal, and professional fronts. 

If the year gone by has taught us anything, it’s that our health is extremely important and we need to make it our top priority. The old saying of health is wealth is indeed true as we can’t enjoy anything on this beautiful planet if we are not in good health. 

Put your health first in 2021 

Begin the New Year by making self-care the most important aspect of your life. Promise to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week, towards your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The sure-fire way to success is to keep the promise that we make to ourselves. 

New Year resolutions are the perfect testing ground to see how committed we are towards bettering ourselves in the arenas of our lives that we wish to grow in.

If physical health is what you desire in 2021, then here are some asanas that you can practice in the New Year to get going:

1. Ashtanga pranamasana or eight-limbed bow pose
  • From the plank position, drop your knees to the floor.
  • Lower your chest and place it in-between your palms
  • Only your toes, knees, palms, chest and shoulders should touch the floor
  • Tuck your elbows inwards and point them up
  • Ensure that your pelvis and stomach is off the floor
yoga asanas
Ashtanga pranamasana or eight-limbed bow pose. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar

Word of advice: Avoid doing this pose if you suffer from any back ailments.

2. Cobra pose or bhujangasana
  • Lie flat on your stomach with your hands placed under your shoulders
  • Keep your feet together, with toes on the ground
  • Inhale and lift your head, shoulders, and torso up at a 30 degree angle
  • Keep your navel down, broaden your shoulders. Put pressure on your toes.
  • Hold the posture for 10 seconds. Slowly bring your torso down and then exhale.
yoga asanas
This pose is easy and quick to do! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Bhekasana or frog pose
  • Start in tabletop position on both your hands and knees
  • Spread the knees out by sliding them wider than your hips. Align your heels are directly behind your knees
  • Flex your feet to point your toes outwards
  • Now, walk your hands forward and place your forearms on the ground
  • Try to lift your stomach away from the ground
  • Align your shoulders over your elbows and put your body weight on your forearms and hands
  • Relax and allow your hips to hang heavy downward
yoga asanas
Frog pose can also help you with an improved sex life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Word of advice: If you have sensitive knees, consider using a yoga mat or blanket underneath before you get into position. This will help to soften the pressure of your knees on the floor.

4. Santolanasana or plank pose
  • Lie flat on your stomach and place your forearm under your shoulders. Your toes should touch the ground
  • With an inhalation, lift your body up and keep the knees straight.
  • Align the pelvis and spine placing your wrists under your shoulders.
  • Keep your arms kept straight and hold for 8 to 10 breaths
yoga asanas
Santolanasana aka Plank pose. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar
5. Naukasana or boat pose
  • Sit down with your legs forward and lift your legs 45° off the floor.
  • Lean back gently so your upper body is also at the same angle.
  • Balance your body weight keeping your knees straight or bent.
  • Extend hands to the side
  • Engage your abdominal muscles and straighten your back
yoga asanas
Tone your love handles through yoga and develop core strength. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Yoga is much more than just another ordinary workout. It combines breathing with movement, and in this way balances the mind and makes you feel calmer. So start 2021 on a healthy note with these asanas and have a great New Year.

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