Breathe better with this yoga exercise that Shilpa Shetty swears by

On International Yoga Day, Shilpa Shetty shares how she stays healthy by practising Bhramari Pranayama.
Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty is all about yoga! Image courtesy: Shilpa Shetty/Instagram
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 21 Jun 2021, 16:49 pm IST
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By now, we all know that Coronavirus attacks the lungs and respiratory system. It now more than ever that we’ve realized the importance of breathing. In fact, having control over your breath can boost oxygen levels in your body and improve lung function. 

This International Yoga Day, Bollywood actress and yoga queen Shilpa Shetty Kundra took to Instagram to share the importance of our breathing function and a way to improve it. Shilpa, in her post, said, “BREATHE… it’s THE most important function that the body performs. Breathing right helps provide oxygen to the organs to perform all the crucial processes, from cognition to digestion to strengthening the immune system.” 

What’s more, Shilpa suggested a breathing exercise that can be performed any time anywhere!

You can see her Instagram post here: 

On World Yoga Day, let’s start by practicing the Bhramari Pranayama. It helps generate up to 15% more nitric oxide through the vibrations of the humming sound, ‘Aum’. This, in turn, helps early recovery and healing from Covid-19. Spare a few minutes to focus on your breathing today with the Bhramari Pranayama. It relaxes the mind and lowers stress while improving concentration and alleviating anxiety,” she adds. 

This deep breathing practice helps to have better control over the body and mind. Apart from the breathing benefits, this practice can keep your physical, emotional, and mental health well too. In addition, it builds a stronger immune system

Here are some things that the Bhramari Pranayama practice can do for you

Bhramari is derived from the Sanskrit term for a bee. This is named after bees due to the bee-like buzzing sound produced during the exhale. The word pranayama means ‘extension of breath’. This breathing practice can help you release negative emotions while breathing in freshness and joy. It can calm the body and mind before you hit the bed. 


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Not just that, Bhramari Pranayama can also help you: 

  • Strengthen your lungs.
  • Remove the toxins from the body and provide healing physiological benefits
  • Lower one’s blood pressure
  • Soothes the nerves
  • Keep your heart rate in check
  • Release stress and negative thoughts
  • Strengthen your core

So, ladies, check out Shilpa’s latest post and practice Bhramari Pranayama to improve your breathing! 

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