Yes breathing exercises can make you lose weight. Here’s how

Breathing exercises won’t just help you stay away from stress but can also contribute to weight loss.
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Grace Bains Published: 10 Feb 2021, 06:28 pm IST
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Breathing exercises can be best described as techniques with a keen focus on controlled breathing. We’ve heard multiple times that those who practice breathing exercises regularly are able to reduce their stress levels, improve their mood, and focus better. Hence, you can easily say that breathing exercises can improve your quality of life by improving your mental health. But not many know that it also has a very positive effect on our physical well-being.

Losing weight isn’t just a matter of looking good but also being healthy. The appropriate body weight varies from person-to-person, based on individual height and age. But it is important to maintain it because being overweight can increase the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart issues and even bone-related problems. Turns out, breathing exercises can help in weight management!

For the longest time, breathing exercises have been associated with mental health but we’re finally coming across more research that points to the fact that they can be beneficial to individuals who are trying to lose weight.

So, how do breathing exercises help us manage body weight? Well, 

breathing exercises, when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, can enhance our weight loss process by:

1. It can reduce body fat

A study from Japan, published in the online journal PubMed Central, noted that those who practised a breathing technique termed ‘Senobi’ for a whole month reported that their body fat percentage had reduced. The breathing technique in question finds its origin in Japan and involves taking deep breaths while slightly leaning backwards with your arms raised up.

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2. It can help you deal with hunger pangs

When you practice breathing exercises regularly, you also work towards reducing the feeling of hunger and enhancing the sense of satiety. This ensures you don’t
overeat and keep the number of calories consumed within the required range.

Research published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine noted this effect of breathing exercises on hunger control and associated it particularly with Qigong breathing exercises. There are multiple techniques that are a part of Qigong that concentrate particularly on harmonising the body and mind, helping you gain better control over your hunger pangs.


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3. It can increase your metabolism rate

Having a healthy metabolism ensures you’re able to burn calories efficiently. Research published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science noted that diaphragmatic breathing technique is particularly helpful when it comes to boosting resting metabolic rate and can help one burn calories.

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When performing the diaphragmatic breathing exercise, you will have to lie down on your back and place your hands on your upper chest while tightening the tummy and breathing slowly through pursed lips.

Ladies, make sure you’re eating well, working out, and taking out time for a 20-minute session of breathing exercises to lose the extra weight and stay healthy. You can start small with only 10 minutes and gradually increase the time you spend doing breathing exercises!

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