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This simple shampoo hack saved my tresses from falling apart

It’s time for some tress control. It’s as basic as using this diluted shampoo trick to reduce hair fall, and that too naturally.
dilute shampoo
This hack can save your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 6 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST
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From hot oil massages, using the best shampoos, to even using baby hair care kits – I have done it all when it comes to reducing hair fall. As expected, nothing really worked. In fact, my hair fall issue went from ugly to worse. It used to be a few strands in the past, but now all I can see are chunks of hair on the bathroom floor.

My scalp started looking bald at a point, and that’s when I needed dire help. My dermatologist recommended mindoxyl for obvious reasons but to be honest, I was not so keen to use more chemicals and I didn’t have any other option. But she told me a hack that has actually helped me big time.

hair loss
Obesity could be the reason for hair fall and thinning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

She advised me to start using diluted shampoo, while washing my hair. So basically, 1 part shampoo and 3 parts water. This is how you have to dilute your shampoo and ta-dah, you will notice hair fall get better and how! And yes, when I say water, I mean at room temperature.

This was so basic and it happened because now my high-concentration shampoo has turned into a gentle water-based scalp cleaner. I was literally amazed.

Here’s how diluting water with my shampoo helped me?

  1. Of course, hair breakage is less: I was shocked how a simple hack like this can reap such great results. Earlier, whenever I would wash my hair, a bunch of strands would float on the floor. Sigh! But not anymore. I have been using this trick for almost a month now and hair fall has reduced tremendously.
  2. My hair is now less frizzy: As I’ve been diluting the shampoo, I have also reduced the chances of my hair getting dry and frizzy. In fact, due to dryness, they would fall earlier, but because they are well hydrated, they are no more prone to breakage.

    Frizzy hair are prone to breakage. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  3. I don’t get dandruff now, whoopee! I can’t increase the quantity of the shampoo way too much, because that will cause dryness and result in dandruff. But after adding water to it, the quantity increases plus it spreads better on the scalp, which means proper cleaning. So, no itching as well.

Apart from this, I also followed some of the usual tips, such as not sleeping with wet hair, not keeping hair oil for more than 30 minutes, etc. and now I’m finally satisfied with my hair growth. The best part is now my scalp doesn’t look patchy, and that’s a real breather for me.

You can also try this hair fall hack and see whether it works for you or not!

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