Troubleshoot all sorts of hair woes by adding any of these 7 ingredients to your shampoo

Finding more hair on your rubber band than your scalp? It’s time to pay attention. To cut the long story short, just add any of these ingredients to your shampoo and see the magic.
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These simple herbal hair rinses are known to work their charm on your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 14 Aug 2021, 10:00 am IST
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Managing your mane is the biggest task of them all. We experiment with products and home hacks to DIYs to get those tresses in check. The reason is obvious; no one wants a bad hair day. But do you know there are a few quick and simple home remedies for your hair that can work wonders? All you need is your hair shampoo. Just add any of these natural ingredients that we are about to reveal to ensure lustrous hair.

The thing is whatever your shampoo label says, there are some chemicals in these bottles. Diluting them with some natural ingredients can lower the damage that these hair cleansers can cause. 

Are you ready for the big reveal? So, let’s begin!

Here’s a list of seven things that you can add to your shampoo for free-flowing hair
1. Rose water

A sweaty scalp can cause dryness and irritation, and can also lead to major hair fall. But you can avoid them all by adding a cup of rose water to your shampoo bottle. Here’s a tip: don’t go for that synthetic rose water. Instead, soak some rose petals in warm water overnight and use that along with your shampoo.

home remedies for hair fall
Simple and inexpensive–rosewater is the solution to your messy tresses. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Herbal oils

Yes, we mean essential oils. This tip is especially for those who are dealing with dry and frizzy hair that is unmanageable. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oil can help in treating your scalp, lock the moisture in your hair, and prevent hair fall. There is a whole range of essential oils that can also help in preventing graying of hair.

3. Aloe vera gel

Whatever hair issues you are dealing with can be eliminated when you bring aloe vera into your life! From cleansing, nourishing to promoting hair growth – aloe vera is capable of doing all this and much more.

home remedies for hair fall
Nothing is better than aloe vera whne it comes to your hair and skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Lemon juice

Caution: This tip is only for those who are dealing with an oily scalp. If even after a hair wash, your tresses look lifeless and dull, you are in desperate need of lemon in your shampoo. An oily scalp means high production of sebum. This doesn’t just affect the texture of your hair, but will also block the pores in your scalp and can lead to hair fall. Lemon juice will help in clearing this excess sebum and make your scalp breathable and also stimulate hair growth.

5. Honey

Some of you also complain a lot about frizzy and dry scalp, especially during the winter season, or at the time of a season switch. That’s when you need honey to rescue your tresses. Honey has antibacterial properties, which keeps the moisture of your hair intact, due to which you experience a silky smooth texture, without adding any serum or spray.

6. Amla juice

If split ends and hair fall is troubling you left, right, and centre, you must go for amla juice. Amla juice is a natural stimulant that rejuvenates your scalp and helps in the growth of dead or damaged hair follicles. Another important point that you should know is that amla strengthens your hair and makes them stronger than ever.

home remedies for hair fall
Amla is a superfood that everyone should include in their diet. Shutterstock
7. Shikakai water

Premature graying of hair is one of the biggest concerns we millennials are facing nowadays. We know it’s cool for some of you to show off your greys but not all of us are on the same page. Hence, shikakai! Shikakai helps in preventing grey hair and presses pause to hair fall as well. And if you are embarrassed about dandruff issues, you must add shikakai to your shampoo bottle right away.

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Just take the powder, soak it in water overnight, strain it the next day, and pour it in a shampoo bottle. That’s it!
To be honest, it’s worth a try. So, go for it!

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