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8 feminine hygiene tips we want all women everywhere to learn for a happy vagina

Do you wish to know a lot more about your vagina and how to take care of it? Well then you’ve come to the right place because this is the hply grail of feminine hygiene tips.
loose vagina
Ignoring your vaginal health is completely unacceptable. Keep it happy with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 14 Jun 2023, 20:12 pm IST
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We are sure you must be hating those days, when your vagina acts funny, right? But how many times have you realised that the poor health of your vagina is your fault? Unfortunately, it’s true ladies. We hardly pay attention to our vaginal health, but it is completely unacceptable. 

The other thing is that we barely talk about vaginal issues in public. Many women refrain from talking or sharing thoughts on how to keep a vagina healthy, and this is where they go wrong. This lack of awareness leads to improper treatment of the vagina, and that’s what causes problems. 

This has made all of us wish that had we known these things much earlier, we could have taken better care of our vaginas.

Well, your wish has been heard ladies, because today we have with us renowned gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr Aruna Kalra from CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram, who will share some useful tips to take care of your vagina.

Here’s what you should follow when it comes to your vagina
1. Avoid douching

Douching is harmful for the vagina, as it disturbs the pH balance in your vagina. This can disrupt the normal vaginal bacteria balance.

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2. Always wipe front to back

Always wipe your vagina from front to back. Never do it the other way round, because there are chances of dragging the unhealthy bacteria into the vagina.

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3. Do not shave pubic hair often

Many women shave their pubic hair frequently, but the fact is that the pubic hair protects the vulva from bacterial infections. Pubic hair also protects our vaginal area from excessive sweating.

4. Wear a breathable underwear

Breathable underwear or cotton underwear is the best to wear, in order to keep your vagina healthy and happy. They limit the wetness that is likely to promote bacterial growth.

5. Practice safe sex

Always practice safe sex because unprotected sex can cause sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal infections. Plus, you should always indulge in vaginal sex before anal sex, and not after that. Otherwise, it may lead to vaginal infections.

6. Urinate and clean the vagina after sex

You should always remember to urinate and clean your vagina, every time you have sex. The bodily fluids can cause irritation around your vaginal area, and not keeping it clean can make you highly prone to infections. Peeing after sex helps in preventing UTIs (urinary tract infection).

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7. Avoid soap, while washing the vagina

The harmful chemicals in soap affect the health of the vagina. They impact the healthy balance of bacteria in your vagina, which can cause rashes, irritation and growth of unhealthy bacteria. Instead of using soap, you can use clean water.

8. Change sanitary pads every four hours

When you have your periods, make sure to change sanitary pads after every four hours, without fail. Always remember to clean the vaginal area every time you go to the washroom. Keeping the sanitary napkins on for long hours can cause infections, skin rashes and bad odour.

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