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Keeping chocolates in the fridge can give you food poisoning. Here are 14 other foods that aren’t fridge-friendly

Stop stuffing your fridge with everything you got from that grocery store, because most of them are not meant to be stored inside.
Leftover food
Refrigerating leftovers is not enough! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 Feb 2022, 09:00 am IST
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What is the first thing you do when you get your groceries? You segregate it and store it either in the fridge or outside. Have you ever wondered if you are putting the right foods inside the fridge? Yes, every food item needs a different temperature to maintain its nutrients and other properties.

You must have noticed that on some days, veggies or fruits taste so good, but that’s not the case after a few days. That’s because the low temperature literally destroys the USP of that particular food item. Plus, when all these things are lying together, and not covered or wrapped properly, the smell and consistency might change, which can flip the taste completely.

Here are 15 foods that you should NEVER put in a fridge

  1. Bananas: Should be stored at room temperature, as the warm temperatures help the fruit to fully ripen, plus it will not decay.

    foods you should never keep in fridge
    Fridge isn’t meant for bananas! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  2. Bread: You will be shocked to know that bread can become stale and dry, when you store it in the fridge. Yes, you heard us right! Try to keep it in the pantry.
  3. Tomatoes: “Try to store them in the kitchen. Did you know? Keeping them in the refrigerator will mess with the deliciousness of their texture,” recommends dietician Deeksha Arora from Apollo spectra, Delhi.
  4. Fresh herbs: If you happen to store basil or rosemary in the fridge, they can dry out. You can keep these herbs in a small glass in a little room-temperature water, and keep away from sunlight in the kitchen.
  5. Honey: “Are you aware? Storing honey in the fridge makes it unpalatable. Instead, store it in a container and place it in some dark spot,” says Arora.
  6. Oil: It is a no-brainer that cooking oil will turn solid in the fridge. Keep it on a cool, dark shelf in the kitchen.
  7. Melons: If you haven’t cut melons yet, keep them out instead of putting it inside your fridge. You can only store them in the fridge after cutting them.
  8. Avocado: Unripe avocados will not ripen in the fridge. So, just leave them in the kitchen or maybe on the countertop.

    foods you should never keep in fridge
    Avocado can give you gut ache. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  9. Potatoes: It is a good idea to store raw potatoes in a basket in the open. Avoid storing it in the fridge. The cold temperature alters the starchy complex carbohydrates found in raw potatoes, and they will become sweet, when used for cooking.
  10. Garlic: “It will be prone to mold growth in the fridge, due to the humid condition. So, store garlic in the open,” suggests Arora.
  11. Coffee: If it is stored in the fridge, coffee may pick up other flavors from the things kept around it. Try to keep it in sunlight.
  12. Onions: Try to store the cut onions in the pantry and not in the fridge. The cold temperature and high humidity of the fridge will spoil the onions, break the fibrous structure, they will become mushy and there will be mold growth.

    Onion is great but not when you keep it in the fridge. Image courtesy: Unsplash
  13. Chocolate: Keeping it in the fridge doesn’t make it inedible, but doing so will absorb the odours of other foods and change its consistency. This can make your gut unstable and can lead to stomach ache or even loose motions. Chocolate can be stored outside.
  14. Bell pepper: You love bell pepper, because of its crunch and low temperature can make them saggy.
  15. Cucumber: Cucumbers, when kept inside the fridge, become watery and pitted. That’s the reason your salad or sandwich is always squishier than those salad bars. Still, if you don’t have an option but to store it in the fridge, wrap it properly and keep it inside.

When it comes to groceries; instead of shopping for everything at once, buy them in smaller quantities. This way you will receive the maximum benefits. That’s why it’s a definite win-win. So, save this list right away so that the next time you don’t stuff your fridge with unnecessary stuff, and stay sorted.

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