Perform Eka Pada Rajakapotsana like Malaika Arora to relieve stress and anxiety

We love Malaika Arora for her super moves! This time around, she can be seen performing eka pada rajakapotasana to deal with rising levels of stress and anxiety.
Malaika Arora
Move your body like Malaika Arora. Image courtesy: Malaika Arora | Instagram
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 29 Jun 2021, 16:16 pm IST
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In the last year and a half, our anxiety levels have touched the roof. With increasing uncertainty triggered by covid-19 and loss of normalcy, it is hard to thrive. Add to it work pressure, additional responsibilities at home, and we are almost on the brink of a breakdown. That’s why it is important to take out time and look for ways to de-stress. As always, yoga features at the top of the list, and who better than Bollywood’s favourite yogini to help us out?

In her latest post, Malaika writes, “We are back with a new pose to strike in a new way, WITH A BELT. Props can be fun to workout with. If you look around, you will find so many things to be used as a prop. In case you do not have a belt, you can always use a towel or a strap.”

Check it out for yourself:

She has chosen to perform eka pada rajakapotasana, which is believed to not just open the hip joints but also to stretch the entire lower part of the body. Stretching helps to get rid of stress and anxiety, and you feel better. Yes, it’s super effective!

Want to learn how to do it? Let’s go! 

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Here’s how you can perform eka pada rajakapotasana


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1. Start with a simple pigeon pose, bend your left knee and place one end of the belt around your left foot. Make sure your toes are facing the roof.
2. Take your body towards the front and hold the other end of the belt, pulling it towards your body.
3. Resist your foot into the strap and walk your hands down the strap, drawing the foot towards your head.
4. When your hands come to your foot or closer, inhale.
5. Now, as you exhale, take your head back.
6. Stay in the pose for 10-30 seconds
7. Slowly release the strap and come out of the pose.
8. Repeat on the other side.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out now!

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