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On Ashtami, fitness queen Malaika Arora reminds us to keep the warrior within us alive

Malaika Arora urges people to keep the warrior within them alive. Learn how to perform this warrior 3 yoga pose step-by-step!
Malaika Arora warrior pose
Malaika Arora urges people to do the warrior pose for fitness. Image courtesy: Instagram | Malaika Arora
Purvi Kalra Published: 3 Oct 2022, 19:34 pm IST
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Durga Ashtami is one of the most auspicious day during the Navratri festival and Durga Puja festivities. Maha Ashtami is commemorated with much zeal across the country. Maa Durga is known for her infinite feminine valour and resilience. This day celebrates the victory of Goddess Shakti over the demon Mahishasura. Given how Maa Durga is the perfect epitome of inner strength, On this occasion, Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora reminded her fans of the inner warrior within each one of them.

Dropping her Monday Motivation post on Instagram, she is seen performing the warrior 3 pose. She also urged everyone to keep their fitness game on point.

Yoga is known to bring us closer to our consciousness and helps to keep us calm and centered. According to Malaika Arora, while performing the warrior 3 pose, we might feel certain intense feelings descending upon us. But we must gather all our courage to stay focused and learn our ways to let go of those unwanted emotions.

The Instagram caption of the video by Malaika Arora reads, “This week we’re focusing on finding our center. Finding that inner balance that keeps us still, calm, and stable. If you’re doing the warrior 3 poses with me, some intense feelings might rise up that you’d be wanting to let go of. You may also feel challenged, but it’s nothing you cannot handle. Always remember the amazing warrior that you are!”

Here’s how you can perform this Warrior 3 pose suggested by Malaika Arora

warrior pose
Warrior pose can help you improve balance of the mind and body. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Warrior 3 pose is a standing posture that has its focuses on learning to make you stand balanced, whilst strengthening your legs, ankles, and core. Alongside, it also gives strength to your shoulders and back muscles.

Step 1: start in the Warrior Pose 1 putting forth your right foot forward.
Step 2: Kneel down firmly with your right heel to raise your lower belly, bringing the abdominals in and up and releasing your tailbone down.
Step 3: Hold your right outer hip into your midline as make your leg straight.
Step 4: Push your arms to energize them and add more length to your side body.
Step 5: Move your left inner thigh towards the ceiling to turn your left outer hip forward, and move in axis onto your back toes so that your back leg ends up in a neutral position.
Step 6: Stretch your spine by inhaling,
Step 7: Exhale while moving your torso forward and lengthen your arms out ahead.
Step 8: Transfer all your weight onto your front foot and bend forwards so that your left leg stands parallel to the floor.
Step 9: Make sure that your upper arms cover your ears, and your head, torso, pelvis, and lifted left leg all form a straight line.
Step 10: Continue turning your left inner thigh towards the ceiling so that your leg remains neutral and your pelvis is leveled.
Step 11: Use the strength of your right outer hip to provide stability for your standing leg.
Step 12: Push your left heel backward while extending towards the front with your arms, the crown of your head, and your sternum.
Step 13: Make your lower belly move towards your left heel while providing support for your lower back.
Step 14: Hold this posture for 5-10 breaths, kneel down with your right knee carefully, and step back with your left foot returning to warrior pose 1.
Step 15: Get back to normal, and repeat the same process on the other side.


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