Make ubtan at home: Try this natural face and body scrub for glowing skin

Ubtan is a time-tested remedy that can work wonders for your skin, providing a radiant and glowing complexion without the use of harsh chemicals. Learn how to make ubtan at home.
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Try this 5-step recipe to make ubtan for glowing skin. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Manasvi Jain Published: 24 Jul 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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For centuries, ubtan has been a cherished beauty secret in traditional Indian skin care practices. Ubtan is a natural and time-honored face and body scrub made from a blend of various herbs, spices and natural ingredients. Renowned for its ability to promote a radiant complexion, ubtan is the perfect solution for achieving glowing skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Read on to know the benefits of ubtan and guide you on how to make ubtan at home for a glowing skin.

Benefits of ubtan for skin

Ubtan is a potent mix of natural ingredients that work synergistically to benefit the skin in numerous ways:

1. Exfoliation: Ubtan acts as a gentle exfoliator, sloughing off dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated.

2. Brightening: The natural ingredients present in ubtan, such as turmeric, saffron, and gram flour, are rich in antioxidants that can lead to skin whitening and reduce pigmentation.

3. Deep Cleansing: Ubtan penetrates deep into the pores, removing dirt, excess oil, and other pollutants, which helps prevent acne and other skin issues.

4. Moisturizing: Ingredients like milk, yogurt, or honey in ubtan provide deep hydration to the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

5. Anti-Aging: Ubtan can help combat the signs of ageing due to its ability to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

6. Toning: The herbal ingredients in ubtan can help tighten and firm the skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

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Ubtan is the best natural way to make your skin look fresh and young. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Now, let’s dive into a simple yet effective ubtan recipe that you can make at home.

How to make ubtan at home?


*2 tablespoons gram flour (besan)
*1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
*A pinch of saffron strands (soaked in 1 tablespoon of warm milk)
*1 tablespoon raw milk (or yogurt for oily skin)
*1 teaspoon honey (optional for added moisturization)
*Rosewater (as needed for desired consistency)

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Step 1: In a mixing bowl, combine the gram flour and turmeric powder. Gram flour acts as a base and helps in cleansing, while turmeric lends its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 2: Add the saffron-soaked milk to the mixture. Saffron is known for its complexion-enhancing qualities and imparts a natural glow to the skin.

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Step 3: Incorporate raw milk (or yogurt) into the mix. Milk acts as a natural cleanser and moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling nourished.

Step 4: Optionally, add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture. Honey is an excellent humectant, attracting and retaining moisture, making it a valuable addition for dry skin types.

Step 5: Gradually pour rosewater into the mixture while stirring until you achieve a smooth paste-like consistency.

Ubtan is a godsend for skincare. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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How to apply ubtan on your face?

1. Before applying ubtan, cleanse your face and neck thoroughly to remove any traces of makeup or dirt.

2. Gently massage the ubtan paste onto your face and neck in circular motions, avoiding the delicate eye area.

3. Let the ubtan sit on your skin for about 15-20 minutes, allowing the natural ingredients to work their magic.

4. Once the ubtan is semi-dry, dampen your hands and gently scrub your face and neck again in circular motions. This step will further exfoliate your skin.

5. Rinse off the ubtan with lukewarm water, followed by a splash of cold water to close the pores.

ubtan on face
Use this DIY ubtan for best results! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel and apply a lightweight moisturizer to lock in the hydration.

By following the simple DIY recipe mentioned above, you can easily make ubtan at home and unveil the timeless secret to healthy, glowing skin. Embrace the power of nature and pamper your skin with the goodness of ubtan today!

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