Avoid running outdoors during Covid-19 second wave. Try these 6 indoor exercises instead

These indoor exercises are just as effective as running. These will help you stay fit amidst the coronavirus lockdowns.
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Don’t let coronavirus keep you from staying fit! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 27 Apr 2021, 16:40 pm IST
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Is it safe to run outside given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? A lot of fitness enthusiasts have been wondering about this. The simple answer is that it isn’t. The chances of getting infected by the virus are fairly high currently and exposure should be avoided. But, that doesn’t mean you should compromise on your fitness goals.

There’s no doubt that running is one of the most effective ways of staying fit and healthy but there are certain exercises that are just as great! The plus point? These exercises can be performed and practised right at home, reducing your risk of getting exposed to the novel coronavirus. So, don’t be disappointed about not getting to run. Instead, use your home space to stay fit!

Try out these 6 indoor exercises that are as effective as running outdoors:

1. Skipping rope

Many people believe that skipping rope at a moderate pace is more effective than running! Skipping is a very effective cardio exercise that pushes the heart rate up, improves the cardiovascular system, and burns an impressive amount of calories in a relatively short period of time. Plus, skipping tones your muscles, strengthens your bones, and boosts flexibility. Therefore, it is the perfect cardio exercise that benefits your whole body.

exercises better than running
The humble skipping promises weight loss and a lot more. GIF courtesy: Giphy
2. High knee

Replace the usual long run with the high knee to get more out of your workout than running. Keep in mind that you need to do it as fast as you possibly can. High knees are a cardio-intensive exercise. This move engages your core, improves coordination, enhances flexibility, strengthens your leg muscles, and gets your heart rate up. In fact, a high knee can help you become a better runner!

exercises better than running
These short workouts can help in a big way. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Burpee

Burpee is a full-body intense workout that helps to improve body strength. The advantage of doing burpees is that all major muscle groups such as the core, chest, arms, back, glutes and legs feel the effect. One single burpee is a pack of multiple exercises because it includes hops, squats, and then push-ups. It burns more calories than running and gives you an overall muscular workout.

exercises better than running
From hating burpees to going gaga about them. GIF courtesy: Giphy
4. Jumping jacks

Running has its own benefits but the classic jumping jack is a more convenient exercise that you can do anywhere! Jumping jacks can increase blood flow, improve flexibility and help you build good endurance. These factors can actually enhance the productivity of your workout.

exercises better than running
Jumping jacks work well to stay in shape. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Kettlebell swings

The kettlebell swing is a very efficient exercise. It involves quick movements and multiple variations. It has been shown to increase aerobic capacity, increase core strength, work the glutes, improve balance and coordination in the body. Do pay attention to the amount of weight you use.

exercises better than running
Try kettlebell exercises to get the strong core you wish for. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Boxing or kickboxing

Boxing or kickboxing is categorised as one of the most effective HIIT workouts. You don’t need to leave your house to get a good boxing workout! The rapid movements involved can reduce stress, boost energy, burn calories and improve your posture. 

exercises better than running
Boxing and kickboxing exercises are beneficial for muscle building and weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

There’s no doubt that we’re waiting for a day when we’d be able to step out of the house for a good run but until the coronavirus situation persists, you can replace running with these indoor exercises.


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