Can’t do push-ups properly? Then blame these 6 culprits

Not being able to do push-ups has a lot to do with your overall fitness. Here’s why you are probably unable to pull off this feat.
A woman gearing up for incline push-ups
It’s time to know why you aren’t able to push up. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 23 Nov 2020, 04:25 pm IST
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Do you also envy those who are just able to pull off a push-up, as if they are walking in the park? Do you also question yourself for being unable to do push-ups? Today, we will help you understand the problem areas, so that you can work on it. 

Push-ups are undoubtedly beneficial for its various benefits. Not being able to perform this exercise is a bummer, because let’s face it — the kind of overall toning it helps with is totally worth it.

But only a handful of women attempt it. Some say it’s too tough for them, while the rest might not be aware of how awesome this exercise is. So, those of you who really want to try their hands on this amazing exercise, but are unable to do so — we want to tell you only you are to be blamed for this.

Do you know why? Here are the six reasons that will answer your question:
1. You haven’t warmed up properly

Not many in the fitness fraternity understand the art and importance of warming up. Warm-ups basically help you loosen up your muscles, so that you can perform better. It flexes your body properly, so that you can pull off even the most vigorous of exercises. But if you try a strenuous exercise like push-ups with stiff muscles, then 99% of you will fall flat. Hence, a 15 to 30 minutes warm-up is a must.

It’s time to nail push-ups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Your body is low on nutrients

If your body doesn’t have enough fuel, then how will it perform. Weak muscles not only eat up your existing muscle mass, but will also make you more prone to injury. Eating proteins, fibre, good fats, and other healthy nutrients is very much required to make your muscles stronger – and only then will you be able to pull off an exercise like a push-up with utmost ease.

3. You don’t usually lift weights

People who think lifting weights is a waste of time are sadly mistaken. Weight lifting makes your muscles stronger and sharper. This helps in building endurance, so that you can perform better. Plus, it reduces the chances of injury. Doing legs, back, and shoulder exercises are a must, if you really want push-ups to be your bae.

4. You must be tired

Well, that’s a simple and very valid reason — if your muscles are too tired, then also it will call it quits, while you’re at it. That’s why working out non-stop without giving a break is one of the stupidest ideas. One day of resting and relaxing of muscles is always required to be productive.

Your body might not be ready for a challenge at the gym just yet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. You are not doing them right

Posture and movement is key. It doesn’t matter how much weight lifting you do, or how much time you spend exercising, but if your technique isn’t correct then everything will go in vain.

While doing a push-up, you need to ensure that your palms are placed firmly on the ground at shoulder distance, your core is strong, and your body’s midsection should be straight.

6. You might not be breathing properly

Another thing that most of us don’t focus much on is breathing. Do you know that if you breathe right, then you are halfway through with your exercise? Plus, the results you will get are beyond imagination.


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When you inhale or exhale while exercising, it improves the level of oxygen in your body. This shoots up your heart rate, which helps in burning more calories. Plus, more oxygen in your bloodstream gives you more power.

Avoid doing a classic push-up, if you’re a beginner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The right breathing technique while doing push-ups is – inhale when you go down, and exhale when you lift up. Try it for a while, and see a difference.

So missy, we have listed down all possible reasons why you haven’t been able to ace a push-up. Fix those reasons, and you will be able to pull off a push-up in no time!

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