Here are 6 exercises that will help you work out all major muscle groups at once

Try doing compound exercises to gain maximum muscle, and tone your body too! Here’s how.
compound exercises
Push your muscles to work more with compound exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 10 Oct 2020, 16:44 pm IST
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Too lazy to slog your ass in a training session for an hour or more? Are you looking for a strength training routine that will help work out almost all your muscles in one go? Then dear friends, your wish has been granted today. Because we’ve got some great strength training exercises that will target all your muscles together.

Let’s first introduce you to a new terminology –  compound exercises. Well, as the name suggests, these exercises help you train more than one muscle at a time. In fact, these exercises are so good that almost every major muscle in your body fires up, when you are at it.

In compound exercises, you mix two or more exercises to make it a complex routine, but the reps are much lower than usual. 

So, here are the six most spectacular compound exercises that will help you muscle up in no time:
1. Burpees

Never underestimate the power of a burpee. If you love doing cardio, then there can’t be anything better than this, because in this one move, you are not just doing cardio but training your muscles as well.

Because of its move, there are a lot of muscles that get involved. So, from your arms, back, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, quads, to toes, every muscle gets activated when you do a burpee.

2. Deadlift

You bend, you squat, and you lift. All these moves complete a deadlift. From head to toe, a deadlift works on most of the major muscles in your body like the back, glutes, core, and quads. And because you are also lifting weights, your arms and shoulders will feel the stretch too.

3. Squat with a forward hop

To do a forward squat hop, you go into a squat position , and with a forward jump again, get down in a squat position. Then, turn to the other side and repeat it again. This one is not just an amazing muscle builder but also a great way to burn calories.

From a jump, you straight away go into a squat, and that’s why major stretching and contraction happens in your lower body muscles.


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4. Plank with a tap

We all are well aware of the fact that doing planks is great to strengthen our bodies. But if you add a shoulder tap, it can increase the impact by miles.

5. Bear crawl

Doing bear crawls might look funny and easy, but if you do it right with all your muscles engaged, then it can actually work those muscles brilliantly. Arms and legs are the two major muscle groups that are targeted, while pulling off a bear crawl.

6. Combination push-up

In this move, you have to do two kinds of push-ups – one with full range (where you have to go all the way deep, and lift all the way up) and two, low range (where you have to go deep and lift your body up by half). Do this alternatively, and see what wonders it does for your chest, back, and arms.

Here’s why compound exercises are better from isolation exercises

We aren’t suggesting you to completely skip isolation exercises, as they activate even the smallest of muscles. But in isolation exercises, you take one muscle at a time. With compound exercises, you are working out a broader spectrum of muscles, and that means you save a lot of time for yourself.

Plus, when you do compound exercises, you burn more calories because obviously multiple muscles come into play. Also, the heart rate while doing these exercises stays elevated, due to which you can also build better stamina.

Apart from that, compound exercises give you better flexibility and also enhance your overall muscle strength.

So, are you ready to give these compound exercises a try?

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