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Glowing, soft, and radiant skin: That’s what apricot oil can do for you

Apricot oil has a plethora of benefits, including keeping your skin healthy and radiant.
apricot oil
Try apricot oil for your skin this season! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 14 Nov 2020, 12:00 pm IST
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If you’re someone who is into skincare and are constantly looking at ingredients that keep your skin healthy, you’ve probably tried out multiple things. However, there is an ingredient that might be lesser-known for its skincare properties but those who try it swear by it because it’s extremely effective in ensuring your skin looks absolutely amazing. We’re talking about apricot oil!

Apricot kernel oil, also known as khubani oil or gutti ka tel, is perfect for facial application because it is light and non-sticky in texture. What’s more, it has healing properties along with antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

We talked to Dr Rashmi Sharma, consultant, Dermatology at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj to understand how apricot kernel oil can benefit our skin. She said, “Sadly, not many people know this but it’s one of the best oils that you can apply on your face. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamin E, K and antioxidants which are all essential in maintaining healthy skin.”

Here are 4 benefits of apricot oil that the expert told us about:

1. Moisturises and softens your skin

Apricot kernel oil is very light in texture which means it gets easily absorbed into the skin and can travel to the deepest layers to moisturise. The high vitamin A content provides your skin with long-lasting moisturisation, making your skin soft and supple.

“It helps in moisturising dry and sensitive skin. In addition, it smooths your skin texture,” says Dr Sharma.

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glycerine for skincare
Apricot oil can actually give you a baby-soft skin that you can’t get enough of. GIF courtesy: Despicable Me (Universal Pictures) via GIPHY
2. Gives your skin a radiant glow

The vitamin E present in apricot oil boosts the skin’s ability to protect cells from the damaging action of free radicals. What’s more, it also clears out blemishes. Hence, your skin starts looking radiant. Moreover, we’ve all noticed that our skin glows from within when we provide it with the right nourishment.

3. Protects your skin from early signs of ageing

Dr Sharma said, “This oil helps in nourishing the skin. Thus, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. If you are looking for a good anti-ageing product, you can definitely think of adding apricot kernel oil to your skincare regime.”

anti-ageing cream
There is a right age for everything, including using anti-ageing products. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Saves you from harmful rays

“Being rich in antioxidants, it protects the skin against harmful rays and free radicals. This results in smooth and even-toned skin,” Dr Sharma.

“Apart from applying it topically, you can include apricot kernel oil in your diet by adding it to your salads as a dressing,” suggests Dr Sharma.

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So, go ahead and get yourself this miracle oil for healthy skin!

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