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Trust these 5 benefits of peppercorn scrubs to give you glowing skin this Diwali

If going to the salon for a glowing skin isn’t on your Diwali to-do list, then give these au naturel peppercorn scrubs a try.
Black pepper
Peppercorn scrub is your skin’s mate for life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 7 Nov 2020, 11:47 am IST
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Peppercorn might not be the first thing that strikes you when you think of skin care. But guess what? It works like wonders! That’s because this humble spice is loaded with several nutrients that can help your skin become supple and baby soft.

Peppercorns contain monoterpenes, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium, vitamins A , C and K that cn  help you to get ageless skin.

Basically, accumulation of dead skin is not a great thing, and that’s why exfoliation is a must. Doesn’t matter if you go out or not – you have to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Dead skin clogs the pores, due to which your skin just can’t breathe, and becomes pale and lifeless. 

And instead of choosing chemical-laden products, we want you to try these five DIY peppercorn scrubs that solves every skin problem of yours. And FYI, all of them are recommended by none other than dermatologist, Dr Rinky Kapoor from The Esthetics Clinic.  

1. Peppercorn scrub helps to fight acne

“Pepper has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight skin acne,” she says.

peppercorn scrubs
Try this peppercorn scrub and thank us later for your glowing skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to use: Mix some ground peppercorn with rose water, and lightly apply it on the acne. Take care not to rub too hard. Leave on for five minutes and wash.

2. It helps to remove blackheads and control blemishes

When you scrub with peppercorn, it sloughs off the dead skin cells, removes blackheads, unclogs the pores and takes care of the blemishes on the skin, leaving you with soft, supple and glowing skin.

How to use: Mix half tablespoon of ground pepper with one tablespoon of fresh yogurt. Apply on the face and neck area evenly. Light scrub to improve blood circulation. Wash after 20 minutes.

3. Peppercorn can help you reduce the signs of ageing

“Peppers have the ability to fight free radicals, and help in increasing oxygen supply to the skin, thus reducing the signs of ageing such as sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Dr Kapoor.

How to use: Make a paste of half tablespoon of pepper, with a pinch of turmeric and some honey, and a few drops of water. Apply evenly on the skin and massage gently. Leave it for about 10 minutes, and wash with lukewarm water. Use this scrub twice a day for long-lasting results.

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peppercorn scrubs
Bid adieu to wrinkles with peppercorn scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. It also helps to lighten and brighten the skin

Peppercorn scrubs can lighten your skin tone and leave behind a healthier, glowing, and younger looking skin.

How to use: Mix crushed peppercorn with lemon and use this scrub before bathing. You can use this twice a week.

The last word

“Before applying it straight on your face, always do a patch test on the skin on the inside of your elbows. If the scrub stings your face, then apply ice immediately after washing the face,” she concludes.

So ladies, get ready to slay this Diwali with this amazing peppercorn face scrub.

  • 66
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