Why crying might be good for your health, according to a top psychiatrist

From uplifting your mood to easing out pain, crying once in a blue moon can benefit you in many ways. Hear it from a psychiatrist.
Allow your emotions to be set free by weeping whenever you feel like it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 1 Oct 2020, 10:44 am IST
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Have you ever come across this phrase: “No use crying over spilt milk”? But, the point is why not? What’s the harm in crying? Because we have got proof that if you’re feeling down and out, then crying can actually help you in so many ways!

Stunned? Well, who wouldn’t be? But it’s a fact that crying helps you release a range of emotions, and that’s a good thing. According to experts, it is a natural human response to any emotion – that’s why we get happy tears too.

According to Dr Sonal Anand, psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, it is also evolution that plays its role. When a child cries, s/he cries for attention or help. Similarly, crying also becomes a non-verbal way to communicate to the other person that you’re seeking support.   

But how does crying help you relax? Let’s hear it from an expert
“When u are stressed, cortisol or ‘stress hormones’ are released in your body. This amps up your emotions, which trigger your tear ducts as well. When you are high on an emotion, then along with your tears, protein and stress hormones are also released. This happens especially when you are angry or stressed.” She explained.

She continues, “There is a release of leucine enkephalins which are nothing but endorphins. This helps in relieving pain and boosting your mood simultaneously. After that, your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) takes over and signals the body that everything is fine, and makes you feel relaxed.”

benefits of crying
Trust us, crying isn’t weird at all. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Crying also helps to restore your emotional balance
Dr Anand explains that we don’t cry, when we are just sad. We also cry when we are way too happy or anxious. This majorly happens because we are all high on emotions. At that time, your body responds by crying, so that the tsunami of emotions can be controlled and restored back to normal.

“A good crying session can actually make you feel lighter and better. It soothes your mind and that’s why most of us feel like sleeping after crying, because stressors are released from the body and your mind feels much calmer”, she said.

She concluded, “But we need to watch out, if you or anyone you know cries at the drop of a hat. This is because it can signal mental distress, and sometimes such cases need medical intervention, because too much crying is alarming.”

So, the next time someone calls you weak or judges you for crying – don’t pay heed to it, because it’s all for the sake of your own mental peace.

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