How to prevent slips in monsoon: 7 safety tips for rainy season

On rainy days, everyone is more likely to fall and slip due to water on the road which makes the surface slippery. Here are 7 tips on how to prevent slips during monsoon!
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Avoid slips, trips and falls during monsoon season. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 11 Jul 2023, 02:30 pm IST
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The monsoon season makes you want to do the rare dance in the rain, doesn’t it? But as tempting as the idea may seem, even walking straight on a road with puddles and potholes can be challenging. You’ve got to safeguard yourself from an increased risk of slips and falls due to wet surfaces, slippery roads and muddy pathways. To ensure safety and prevent accidents, it is crucial to adopt precautionary measures. Come, let us share tips on how to prevent slips in monsoon.

Risk of slips during monsoon

During the rainy season, heavy rainfall and slippery surfaces increase the risk of falling. Elderly individuals, who may already have reduced balance and coordination, are particularly vulnerable to slips, trips and falls! Children, with their playful nature, are also prone to slips and falls during this time. However, it can happen to anyone.

Health Shots got in touch with Dr Sanesh Tuteja, Consultant-Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, to understand how you can reduce the risk of falling during rainy season.

7 tips to prevent slips during monsoon

1. Choose appropriate footwear

Dr Tuteja says, “Proper footwear plays a pivotal role in fall prevention. During the monsoon season, always opt for shoes equipped with non-slip soles, which offer excellent traction on wet surfaces. At the same time, avoid shoes with smooth soles or high heels (side effects of wearing high heels).” Additionally, consider the practicality of rubber boots, which provide a secure grip while keeping feet dry.

right footwear
Choose the right footwear to avoid the risk of falling. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Walk carefully

Practice caution when walking in wet conditions or areas. Take smaller steps and proceed at a slower pace to avoid any unnecessary falls. Keep your feet close to the ground and avoid taking long strides. When changing direction, turn your feet instead of twisting your body. Stay attentive to your surroundings and steer clear of uneven or slippery surfaces.

3. Utilize handrails

Handrails are an invaluable tool for preventing falls. Whenever available, use handrails, especially when ascending or descending stairs. Dr Tuteja says, “Grip the bar firmly for support. In cases where handrails are absent, seek alternative support means, such as nearby walls or trees.”

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4. Keep your hands free

Carrying objects while walking in the rain elevates your risk of falling. Make sure your hands remain free by utilizing a backpack or shoulder bag to carry any additional items. If you need an umbrella, select one with a comfortable grip, so it will not slip out of your hand.

5. Carry umbrellas or raincoats

To protect yourself from getting wet and potentially slippery, use umbrellas or wear raincoats when venturing outside. These monsoon essentials not only keep you dry but also improve visibility by preventing rain from obstructing your view, reducing the chances of tripping over obstacles.

Monsoon tips for children
Make sure you and your family go out in the rain with a raincoat. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

6. Keep indoor surfaces dry

Preventing slips and falls isn’t just limited to outdoor areas. Take proactive measures to keep indoor surfaces dry as well. Ensure that any leaks or drips are promptly fixed to prevent water accumulation. Use absorbent mats or rugs near entryways to dry your shoes before entering the house, minimizing the chances of wet floors causing accidents.

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7. Be mindful of puddles and potholes

Avoid stepping into puddles or walking near potholes during the monsoon. Puddles can hide uneven surfaces, potholes or debris, increasing the risk of tripping or injuries. Stay vigilant and choose your path wisely to minimize the chance of accidents.

The last word

Now that you know how to prevent slips during monsoon, make sure you exercise extra caution while walking on wet surfaces such as tiled floors stairs or sidewalks. These areas can become extremely slippery during the monsoon season. Walk slowly, take smaller steps, and maintain a wider stance for better balance. If possible, avoid walking on wet surfaces altogether and find alternative routes with better traction.

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