Smoothie to salad: 4 ways to add health benefits of kiwi to your diet

Kiwi is a perfect blend of sweet and sour with health benefits that will uplift our mode and body! Here are 4 ways to include kiwi in your diet.
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Kiwi fruit is loaded with health benefits. Image courtesy; Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Published: 5 Oct 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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The tangy flavour of kiwi fruit is definitely worth including in your daily diet. Kiwi is a powerhouse of nutrients and its benefits are very well documented by researchers and scientists. Let’s look at some ways in which you can easily include kiwi in your daily diet.

Health benefits of kiwi

According to a 2018 study published in the National Library of Medicine, Kiwis are exceptionally high in vitamin C and contain an array of other nutrients such as dietary fibre, potassium, vitamin E and folate, as well as various bioactive components, including a wide range of antioxidants. Due to this kiwi is considered excellent for our digestive health.

The vitamin C content in kiwi helps in boosting our immunity and protecting our body from virus infections. Kiwi is also filled with antioxidants which makes it great for our heart health too.

kiwi health benefits
Kiwis are a powerhouse of antioxidants and fibre. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here is how to eat kiwi and include it in your diet:

1. Keep it simple

You can just peel off the skin and cut it into pieces to enjoy the green fleshy fruit lined with edible black seeds. Or you can cut the fruit in half and scoop the fruit with a spoon to save time on chopping and peeling. But the best way is to cut the fruit without peeling off the skin because the skin of kiwi has a lot of fibre too!

how to eat kiwi
Don’t peel off the kiwis to enjoy its benefits to the fullest! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Kiwi smoothie

Mix kiwis, bananas or any of your favorite fruits in a blender with ice and low-fat yogurt or skimmed milk and you have yourself a refreshing and healthy breakfast smoothie! You can also garnish it with some nuts or chopped up fruits.

3. Kiwi lemonade

Kiwi is the perfect summer fruit which cools down the body and provides hydration. So, kiwi lemonade is a perfect recipe for summers! Blend some kiwi with water, salt, sugar and refreshing mint leaves and sip away. You can add some lemon if you want but remember that kiwi is also a little tangy.

4. Kiwi salad

You can chop up some cucumbers and kiwi into a bowl full of lettuce. Add some nuts and pomegranates to it, squeeze some lemon juice and you have your kiwi salad ready!

kiwi fsalad
Kiwi is an awesome fruit to make a salad out of! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So, don’t shy away from including this delicious fruit in your everyday diet and boost your immunity!


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