How to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch? Here are 3 tips

Do you feel lethargic after eating? If so, read on to know all the diet tips on how to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch.
Post-lunch fatigue
Yawning can be a good technique to get rid of trapped water in your ears. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 16 Aug 2022, 17:37 pm IST
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After lunch, it’s common for people to find it difficult to maintain their wide-open gaze. If you’re working from home, you could always take a nap. But this is a common problem that many office-goers face. Lethargy develops as a result of abrupt variations in the body’s blood sugar levels. The “post-lunch dip” or “postprandial somnolence” are terms used to describe the phenomenon. You are not alone if you are experiencing the same thing. But you should be aware of how to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch in order to beat the post lunch lethargy.

The biological reason for this is adenosine, a chemical in the brain that helps sleep. It is usually at its peak right before bedtime. But it can also increase in the afternoon, leading to drowsiness after lunch. However, to beat it you need to make a few changes to your lunch diet.

In her recent Instagram post, celebrity nutritionist Dr Anjali Mukherjee spoke about how you can avoid feeling drowsy or tired after having lunch. She also shared a few foods that people often choose for lunch and consume, but they should be avoided because they are mainly responsible for the drowsiness after lunch.

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She says, “An afternoon siesta can be very tempting, but the sluggishness that accompanies it can often feel unpleasant. Include grilled chicken, more vegetables, and salads; they all help improve your mood and overall health. But foods like burgers, noodles, fried starters, pav bhaji, and pizzas are common lunchtime traps that leave you feeling light headed and sleepy afterwards.”

Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch:

1. Eat protein-rich foods

If you experience afternoon drowsiness, add protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, quinoa, cottage cheese, peanuts, almonds, tofu, milk, and green peas to your lunch instead of sugar to help you stay awake and alert. Contrary to popular belief, protein stimulates the mind more than sugar. It is a reliable source of long-lasting energy and promotes stamina. Protein also aids in maintaining stable blood sugar levels and prevents energy spikes and crashes. And guess what? You will feel satiated and fuller for a longer time as a result.

how to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch
Protein is protein, no matter how you get it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Avoid carbohydrates

Avoiding carbohydrates at lunch will help you stay attentive in the afternoon. It may induce sleepiness more than other foods. According to a study published in the Advances in Nutrition September 2016 issue, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep was found to be enhanced by a high-carbohydrate diet. As one of the three components of your diet, carbohydrates should be included in your diet in the form of whole grains, fruits, fresh vegetables, etc.

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3. Avoid lunch time traps

Common lunchtime traps are rice and curry, rice and dal, burgers, biryanis, dosas, idlis, sambar, noodles, cream, soups, corn starch based soups (in Chinese), fried starters, whether veg or non-veg, pav bhaji, vada pav, and pizzas are the commonly available lunchtime traps that most people tend to fall into and feel light headed and sleepy afterwards.

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