Do you feel sleepy all the time? Here are 8 reasons why

If you are one of those people who feels sleepy all the time, then you need to watch out because your body is sending you signals.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 10 Feb 2021, 01:07 pm IST
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At times, we may wonder why we feel sleepy all the time, but if you introspect a little, then you will find out that you’re the culprit. Your sedentary lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Plus, those of you who over-exhaust themselves also fall under the same category.

We need to understand that our body needs everything in moderation. If you do anything that goes beyond the required limit, then you will fall flat and feel sleepy all the time

After several studies, experts have found out that there are eight reasons why you feel sleepy all the time:
  1. Your diet isn’t healthy

    Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to nosh on salads and boiled food. It means you need to consume a balanced diet, which is rich in all the nutrients. The biggest reason behind not getting quality sleep is because you are deficient in nutrients that your body is in dire need of. For example proteins, healthy carbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. 

    Also, eating at the right time is of utmost importance, because sleeping right after eating a heavy dinner will make you feel uneasy, and won’t let you sleep, because of which you feel sleepy the next day.

  2. Your weight has increased

    Being overweight leads to tiredness and fatigue, because of which you want to head to your bed, all the time. Your weight also puts pressure on your muscles and joints, and leads to pain, which also brings on the feeling of resting your body, every now and then. According to the research done by the journal Sleep Health, sleep and weight are directly related to each other.

  3. Your sleeping pattern is haywire

    If on some days, you are sleeping right on time and on others, you are skipping the routine, your body clock will not adjust. You will never be able to achieve high-quality sleep in this way. Therefore, you need to ensure that you plan your day in such a way that at least 90 per cent of the time you end up sleeping right on time, so that you can get at least eight hours sleep without any disturbance.

  4. Your muscles are all sore and tired

    Those of you don’t have a desk job and workout rigorously every single day, we have news for you. Your active lifestyle isn’t helping you much, because it is making you tired instead of energizing you. Overdoing exercises and then getting on with your routine puts unnecessary pressure on your muscles, making them tired and weak. And you end up feeling tired all the time!

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  5. You are starving yourself

    If you are skipping your meals and starving, then you are bound to feel sleepy all the time. Hunger won’t allow your body to relax and releases hormones that make you irritable, due to which you have a disturbed sleep.

  6. You are not hydrating your body enough

    If your body is hydrated, then it helps you maintain the energy levels of your body. A study published in the The British Journal of Nutrition suggests that a little dehydration can drop the energy levels, and even have an impact on the cognitive health of a person.

  7. You are eating too much refined food

    Refined foods are loaded with carbs and sugar, which acts as an instant source of energy. But this spike doesn’t last for long and makes you feel tired and sleepy.

  8. You are stressed    

    Stress just doesn’t lead to mental fatigue, but physical tiredness as well. That’s why you feel like dozing off, when you are burnt out. A study published in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health suggests that stress brings down the number of hours you sleep, which affects your productivity the very next day.

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