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Try this special panjiri recipe with green moong dal for winter warmth and energy

Give my mom’s special Panjiri recipe a try in winter. Learn how to make Panjiri with green moong dal for a healthy twist!
A wholesome Panjiri recipe
Add the warmth of Panjiri recipe to cold days. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 13 Dec 2023, 02:57 pm IST
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Preparation Time
Preparation Time 30 mins
Cook Time
Cook Time 120 mins
Total Time
Total Time 150 mins
Serves 4

Laziness, fatigue and bone-chilling cold are winter characteristics that spare no one! Cough, cold and allergies becoming common. As does a constant urge of snuggling up in a cosy blanket and munching on all that you must not eat. But there are certain traditional recipes that have been passed from one generation to another to keep the stomach full with all things healthy and offer warmth from within. This Panjiri recipe that we are about to share with you is one such wonder recipe from my Punjabi mother’s kitchen.

My mother makes this healthy Panjiri recipe for me every winter, as a mark of her love, care and concern. I live in the heart of Punjab where this winter superfood is made in every household to protect our physical health against the ill effects of the cold months. My mom spends hours in the kitchen to make this recipe, because making Panjiri requires patience. I am excited to share this secret lip-smacking recipe with you all, hoping that you spend the peak of winter months deriving good taste and a touch of good health!

What is Panjiri?

Panjiri (or Panjeeri) is a roasted mixture of ground dal, whole wheat flour or chickpea flour in ghee, with loads of dry fruits and spices. These add to its flavour and health benefits. Panjiri is best consumed when slightly warm, and what is winter without some hot desserts isn’t it? So, let us ditch warm Gulab Jamuns and make healthier choices by satiating our sweet-tooth cravings by savouring Panjiri.

Nuts for Panjiri
Nuts make a Panjiri healthy and wholesome! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to make Panjiri at home?

Here’s a delectable panjiri recipe from my mom’s kitchen. Follow the steps closely, and you will ace the taste!


• 1 kg desi ghee (best ghee brands in India)
• 1 kg ground green moong sabut dal
• 1 kg atta
• Bowl full of ground foxnuts, coconut (cut into pieces or desiccated), almonds, cashew nuts
• Half kg jaggery (or more as per taste)


1. Take 1 kg desi ghee first, and melt it in a huge cooking pot.

2. Once the ghee melts, add the ground green moong sabut dal to it. You can easily procure the ground dal from the market.

3. Keep cooking and roasting the dal in the ghee on low flame for 30-45 minutes until it turns slightly brown and the raw fragrance reduces.

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4. Once the dal turns brown, add 1 kg flour to the mixture. Cook the mixture on low flame for another 30 minutes until it turns brown.

5. After some time, add the bowl full of ground foxnuts, coconut and all the dry fruits you like into the mix, and roast it for 10-15 minutes, Make sure all ingredients mix up well.

6. Turn off the flame, and let the Panjiri mix cool down for 15-20 minutes.

7. Now, add half a kg of jaggery to the Panjiri, and mix it well. Make sure your mix is not very hot when you add the jaggery or it will melt, making it a sticky mix. Maintain the grainy texture for the perfect Panjiri.

8. Your panjiri is ready! You can transfer it to any steel container, store it for the entire stretch of winter and eat it in small portions daily.

What are the health benefits of Panjiri?

There are several health benefits of consuming Panjiri in winter.

1. It is an immunity booster

Panjii is a delightful dessert that is also a powerhouse of nutrition, considering the ingredients that go into making it. It is an excellent immunity booster in winter and can shield us from catching common winter ailments like colds or coughs. It is a calorie-dense snack that can fill you with energy to combat winter fatigue.

2. Panjiri is good for pregnant women

Panjiri laddoo is often given to expectant mothers as the healthy ingredients offer dietary support through the pregnancy.

Panjiri laddoo
Panjiri laddoo is considered good for pregnant women. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

3. It is perfect for lactating mothers

Panjiri is a nutritious sweet for lactating mothers as it stimulates their breast milk flow and helps them revive overall strength after delivering a baby. Also, it is ideal for children who stay more active in winter and need more energy.

4. Good for bone health

As we age, our bones and muscles tend to grow weaker and lose their cartilage which is hard to revive. Home-made Panjiri is nutritious and is good for our bones and joints as ghee and dry fruits keep them greasy and healthy.

5. Healthy for eyes and brain

Considering the healthy ingredients that make our homemade Panjiri, we can easily conclude that this desi mixture is healthy for our eyes and brain.

Since it is high in calories, it is to be eaten in small quantities because its nature is warm.

  • 188
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