Can’t hold vajrasana for long? We are here to reveal the reason

From treating cramps to boosting your metabolism - vajrasana can do all that and more. But you have to hold the pose to reap benefits, and if holding vajrasana is a problem, it’s time for us to help you out.
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These tricks will help you hold the vajrasana. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 28 Sep 2021, 07:00 am IST
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Yes, we all are very well aware of the fact that yoga se hoga! But the problem is when you can’t do a pose; phir kaise hoga? When you practice yoga, holding a pose is a must and unfortunately, our bodies have become so stiff that even holding vajrasana aka the thunderbolt pose has become a task.

Vajrasana is undoubtedly one of the easiest yoga poses and the kind of benefits it offers is incredible to say the least. For instance, by doing this pose for just 15 minutes regularly, you can:

  • Overcomes stress
  • Improves digestion
  • Overcomes acidity
  • Reduces weight
  • Reduces period cramps
  • Prevents muscle spasm
  • Strengthens sexual organs
  • Treats urinary problems
  • Relieves back pain
  • Reduces stress

And this list can just go on and on. In short, this yoga pose is the key to healthy living.

But the problem is that most of us find it difficult to hold this pose for even five minutes. Either our leg becomes numb, or we end up with a sprain. In a nutshell, holding our balance becomes a task for us.

FYI, that’s not a good sign. It shows that your body is incapable of doing the simplest of moves and it’s high time you figure out what’s wrong – because this could be an indication that something needs to be fixed. And it’s always better to take precautions, before the situation gets worse.

We got in touch with yoga expert Grand Master Akshar and tried to figure out the most common reason why you can’t hold vajrasana for long. Let’s read what he has to say.

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Here’s why holding vajrasana is a task for most people:

1. We hardly sit on a floor nowadays

“One of the main reasons why we cannot hold vajrasana for a long time is because the concept of sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position does not exist commonly in our current culture. We are so accustomed to sitting on a chair and using a table, whether it is for writing, eating, studying, or any other activity that it has become very difficult for us to sit in vajrasana on the floor,” he explains.

In a chat with Health Shots, he added that because of our lifestyles and our habits, we don’t have as much strength in the lower body, especially in the knee or ankle joints. That’s why we are unable to bear the pressure of kneeling down on hard surfaces.

2. It could indicate an injury


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There are also many people who have earlier suffered from knee or ankle injuries, which may hinder them from sitting in vajrasana on the floor.

3. Stiff hamstrings won’t let you sit in vajrasana

“Inflexibility of the hamstrings and stiffness in your calf muscles or ankles could also prevent you from being able to hold a position like vajrasana for long durations,” says Grand Master Akshar.

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Don’t make the mistake of ignoring muscle cramps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Obesity will also refrain you to get into a vajrasana

If you suffer from obesity or carry excess weight in your body, kneeling into the vajrasana pose or even being able to sit down on the floor could be a challenging activity for you.

5. Poor blood circulation is also a reason

It’s obvious that if you have stiff muscles, blood circulation will be obstructed. Due to this, you will feel numbness in only a few seconds, after getting into a pose. This happens when you have an inactive lifestyle.

6. Other reasons

There are some other reasons why people may not be able to hold vajrasana for a long time. It could be either a flexibility issue, stiffness of the lower body, weakness of knees and ankle joints. It could also be due to your current lifestyle habits.

Some tips that will help you do vajrasana for a longer

1. Start doing stretching. Not just in the morning but after you sit for a really long time, you MUST stretch a little.

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Does accidental muscle cramps often hinder your workout? Try doing can’t hold vajrasana daily. Image Courtesy : Shutterstock

2. Develop stronger legs. Try walking, jogging, cycling, or climbing stairs.

3. Don’t start with a longer hold; start slow and move forward steadily. Initially, a 30-second hold will work and you can repeat it 4-5 times. And later, start increasing the time limit.

4. Keep a pillow below your feet or knees to support them.

Some yoga poses that will help you get better at vajrasana
  • Child pose
  • Toe touch
  • Lunge pose
  • Pigeon pose
  • Bridge pose
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To help you strengthen your legs you can totally bet on crescent lunge pose.Image courtesy: Shutterstock

All these poses will help you stretch your lower body to the fullest. You can do these poses once a day for 15-20 seconds each, and then see whether there is any improvement in doing vajrasana or not.

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