These 5 reasons will make you ditch your sweater while sleeping at night

Wearing a sweater at night may seem tempting in the harsh winter season, but it could damage your health in unimaginable ways.
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Do not wear sweaters while sleeping at night. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 6 Jan 2022, 16:02 pm IST
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Winter is here, and the freezing temperatures are literally forcing us to take shelter inside our blankets. And if that wasn’t enough, the heaters are on all day, because well, the struggle is real. But there are also some people, who end up wearing a sweater while sleeping at night? If that’s you, STOP right now because it could potentially damage your health.

Dr Charu Kalra, Consultant-Paediatric, Max Multispecialty Centre, Noida tells HealthShots, “One must definitely take precautions to prevent oneself and the little ones at home from this chilly weather. It’s always advisable to keep yourself covered with warm clothes and sweaters, but wearing a lot of woolens at night can be dangerous. It can have several ill effects on one’s health.”

So what are some ways in which sweaters can harm you at night?

1. Excessive heat loss from the body

Wearing woolens or sweaters at night can lead to excessive heat loss from the body, and can cause dryness of the skin, which may lead to rashes. Plus, wearing warm clothes at night could also lead to dehydration in younger kids.

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Wearing sweater at night can also give you allergies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Can increase allergies

“Those people who have a history of skin allergies and atopic dermatitis should be extra cautious. Wearing woolen clothes at night can aggravate these situations,” shares Dr Kalra. Moreover, kids who wear sweaters at night experience an increase in allergic cough due to dust trapped in the clothes.

3. Blood pressure issues

Excessive sweating at night due to over-covering can also cause a fall in blood pressure and lead to giddiness. This can also lead to sleep disturbances in many people. Plus, those who have a history of cardiac disease can feel heaviness in their chest or could also have breathing issues, if they wear tight woolens, while sleeping.

4. Exacerbates asthma

Woolen clothes and sweaters that have lint on them can really increase the incidence of asthma, says Dr Kalra. That’s because there is increased exposure to allergens, which can cause difficulty in breathing. So, make sure you avoid it!

Skip swewter while sleeping and breathe free! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Bacterial infections

If someone wears sweaters and even warm socks at night, the chances of getting bacterial infections due to sweating are much higher. So, always remove your socks and sweaters, before you hit the sack!

So ladies, now that you know it all – it’s time to follow these tips and stay safe!

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