Alia Bhatt is slaying it with this HIIT circuit that burns more calories than running

The Gangubai of B-town, Alia Bhatt, is going to make all you fitness enthusiasts go weak in your knees.
Alia Bhatt
Bend it like Alia Bhatt. Image courtesy: Alia Bhatt | Facebook
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 1 Mar 2021, 01:29 pm IST
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Holy smokes! These are exactly the words that will come out of your mouth when you’ll see the way Alia Bhatt is working out. And all we want to say is:  respect for this student of the year, because it takes courage to perform this hardcore HIIT routine that she pulled off JLT.

Well, we all rave about how this Gangubai Kathiawadi starlet looks on screen. The transformation that she had is just mind boggling, and thanks to her recent gym post we now know how difficult it is to stay and slay like Alia Bhatt.

Here’s a statutory warning for all those who want to bend it like Alia: this HIIT routine is not a cakewalk. It’s a circuit that will make you go breathless. But one thing is for sure, at the end of it you will lose calories like crazy.

Here’s what this HIIT circuit looks like

So, take a deep breath ladies as here we present to you the ultimate weight loss circuit:

This circuit is all about stamina and fat burn. This one is a full-body workout as this circuit combines all body weight exercises that will help in muscle toning and fat burn. This is what it entails: 

  • Squat
  • Bear crawl
  • Half burpee jump
  • Bear crawl
  • Push-ups
  • Bear crawl
  • Squats

The number of reps for each exercise is something you can decide for yourself. You can do 10 to 15 squats and for the rest of the exercises you can do 5 reps each. When it comes to sets then 5 sets of this circuit are good enough to begin with. 

Another post shared by her trainer shows Alia training her legs with squats. You know why? That’s because squat is that one exercise that has the power to bring your entire body in proportion. 


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It was an oh-so proud moment for Alia’s trainer as well

This weight loss circuit is designed by none other than Sohrab Khushrushahi, who is Alia’s trainer. On Instagram, he penned a long post raving about this B-town hottie. He wrote:

“We’ve been training together for over two years now and you know how much I respect what you do and the person that you are. You’ll always have a cheerleader in me.”

He also shared that Alia is working this hard for her upcoming Sanjay Leela Bansali flick, Gangubai Kathiawadi.

“During this period, I’ve seen you train through night shifts and all day schedules, as well, but I know how hard you’ve worked this past year on Gangubai Kathiawadi. I’ve seen you walking into training sessions limping and sleep deprived but I’ve never seen you take a backward step and for that you will always have my respect. Having watched the trailer – all I can say to you A is you STAR. I’m sure all the hard work will pay off cause it always does at the end of the day!”

And it was very apparent that Alia’s trainer was indeed proud to see her dedication. Kudos to Alia!  

So ladies, get off from that treadmill as this Alia special HIIT circuit is even better.

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