Have a few fitness freaks in your life? Here are 20 thoughtful New Year gift ideas for them

2020 might not be the year we had all predicted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express your love to your closest friends and family. And if you have a fitness freak in your life, then these 20 super amazing gifting ideas that will have you sorted.
2021 gifting ideas
These are perfect new year gifting ideas for fitness freaks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 21 Dec 2020, 11:07 am IST
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Only 10 days to go, and we’ll be stepping into 2021. But hey, have you decided what you plan on gifting people this season? Still struggling with ideas, is it? Well, if your closest pal is a fitness freak, then you can heave a sigh of relief,  because we have got you some really cool new year gift ideas that will cheer up your buddy for sure.

Come, let’s see what we’ve in store:

1. Online fitness pass

Well, 2020 might be getting over, but It doesn’t look as if we’ll be getting any respite from covid-19. This means for some more time, we need to work out from our homes. In this scenario, there can be nothing better than giving an online subscription for a fitness app.

2021 gifting ideas
Learn to stay fit online. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Pull-up bars

If you are looking for something for someone who is a fitness freak, then s/he must be missing their pull-up bars for sure. And you can totally cheer them up by gifting one. There are many multi-purpose bars that are available online that you can choose from to help them build some muscle endurance.

3. Back roller

Of course, if they exercise regularly, then they need to relax their muscles , and nothing can help them better than a foam roller. This will help in releasing the stiffness and relax muscles in no time.

4. Slider

A slider is a very basic equipment that can add volumes to an exercise, especially if your pal is a fitness fanatic. The best part is that they aren’t that expensive as well.

5. Resistant band

If your friend is all about building lean muscles, then gifting him/her a set of resistance bands with different tensile strength can be a great option.

6. Ear pods

What’s an exercise sesh without great music? Believe it or not, but music serves as a catalyst in amplifying your performance. So, give the gift of music to your gym bud by giving them some really cool ear pods.

7. Fitness face masks

Thanks to covid-19, many fitness brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, etc have launched their own range of face masks. You can totally get one of these as a goodbye 2020 gift.

8. Kettle bell

You can never go wrong with a kettlebell, as this inexpensive gift serves every purpose of a gym fanatic. This equipment is multi-purpose in the true sense of the word. It will power their cardio and muscle training, as well.


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2021 gifting ideas
Kettle bell is the right tool for your bud. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
9. Ankle weights

Let them wear it on their wrist or on their ankle, and sweat it out with these extra weights. You can go for brands like Cosco, if you want to splurge money. But if you have a cash crunch, then Decathlon also has some amazing options online.

10. Stepper

It isn’t a useless thing, because there are a number of exercises for the lower body and core that can be done by just using this tool.

11. Coffee travel mug

All fitness freaks need energy, and nothing can drive them better than a cup of black coffee. Plus, it helps in weight loss too. That makes a coffee travel mug a real deal.

12. Training gloves

If they take extra care of their hands, then this is the right option to gift them. Also, gloves help in better grip.

13. Battle rope

If your friend is into HIIT and functional training, then gifting a battle rope to is a great idea. The best part is that anyone can easily install it on their terrace, or even in a balcony.

14. Sandbag

You can opt for the hanging ones or the ones, which are used as extra weights. Also, give this tip to your friend that sandbag burpees are the best way to reduce weight.

15. Muscle massager

Well, you can get this one too from the Decathlon website at a very affordable price, and it works really well for sore muscles.

16. Sports bra

Before you gift a sports bra to your friend, you need to know two things – one, their breast size and two, what kind of exercises they are into. So, if they are into yoga, then you can get a low-impact sports bra, if they are into pilates or something similar, the mid-impact sports bra will work well, and if they are into running or HIIT, then a high-impact sports bra is something you can go for.

2021 gifting ideas
Picking the right sports bra is not an art, you just need to know a few tricks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
17. Belt bag

If your friend is hitting the gym, then s/he must be carrying a lot of things like a mask, sanitiser, wrist bands, gloves, etc. Keeping them anywhere isn’t safe, especially during covid-19, that’s why you can totally gift them a belt bag. They can wrap it around their waist, and keep everything handy.

18. Assorted protein bars

Protein is a must for every gym freak, and there are numerous healthy options available online. Just ensure they are not loaded with sugar. Also, if you can totally make these bars at home, and give them a surprise.

19. A great pair of running shoes

A great pair of training shoes is a must for any fitness freak. They not only keep your muscles and joints intact, but also improve the overall performance. Also, remember the lighter the shoe, the better it will be for their ankle.

2021 gifting ideas
Help your pal avoid injuries by gifting them the right pair of running shoes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
20. A diet charter

Just exercising isn’t enough, the person needs to eat healthy as well. That’s why giving them a health charter or a diet plan is a great idea.

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We hope this list will help you decide what exactly will work well for your fitness pal. So, pick any gifting idea from this list and wish your mate a very happy and fit 2021.

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