This 30-minute HIIT yoga circuit will help you burn more calories than Zumba

Did you know that a full-blown HIIT yoga circuit burns more calories than a regular workout? Here’s what doing yoga HIIT can do for you.
Yes, it’s true that yoga burns more calories than your favorite Zumba class. GIF courtesy: Giphy
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 22 Jun 2020, 11:17 am IST
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say HIIT? We’re sure instantly, you imagine a girl jumping and hopping in full power with sweat dripping down her ripped body. Isn’t it? But what if we tell you that you have better chances of losing weight if you opt for a yoga HIIT circuit? In fact, this circuit will make you lose weight faster than you can ever imagine.

No, we aren’t joking. Rather, we’ve master yoga instructor, Shraddha Iyer from Sarva and Diva Yoga to design this ultimate HIIT yoga circuit. And according to her, this is an ultimate fat cutter.

So get ready for the ultimate HIIT yoga circuit for weight loss
“Yoga is the last thing that comes to our mind when it comes to HIIT or cardio but whomsoever can pull off five cycles of these five yoga poses back to back-well, weight loss is inevitable for that person,” explains Iyer.

Let’s know what these five yoga poses are:

1. Utkatasana or yogic squat
Holding an asana might look simple but the amount of energy and strength they require is immense. “Doing utkatasana will not just burn calories but it will also burn the cellulite around your quads and help them tone. Also, it helps in increasing metabolism which ultimately leads to more weight loss ,” says Iyer.

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2. Chaturanga dandasana or four-limbed staff pose
“There are a lot of core exercises out there but the impact of each one of them is different. But this pose keeps your entire core at the epicentre and helps you get a flat belly. Plus it helps in strengthening your arms and shoulder,” suggests the expert.

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3. All three warrior poses
Well, if you are a beginner then doing warrior poses is a must as it works on your entire body in one go. “Not just weight loss but warrior poses are known to help in boosting immunity and you know that’s the beauty of yoga it nurtures you in totality which I’m sure the other HIIT workout doesn’t,” explains Iyer.

Warrior I pose. Image courtesy: Tejinder Kaur

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4. Utkata konasana or goddess squat
“The fourth pose that you must include in your circuit is the goddess squat. It helps in toning your butt and the most ignored area of our body, i.e. your inner thighs. And there are no brownie points for guessing that if you want major weight loss then it is very important to work on your legs,” she says.

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5. Dynamic upward to downward facing dog
Well, this one is a combination of two poses and you have to go from one pose to another dynamically. And there is so much to lose out on and by losing we mean fat. Plus, it is a great way of warming up too.

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“For HIIT doing 10 counts or 10 seconds hold of each of this pose is enough,” says Iyer.

Why is HIIT yoga better than regular HIIT training?
“Well, there are a couple of reasons why a yoga circuit is better than regular Zubma, Tabata, or other forms of HIIT. One of the biggest reasons is that yoga is a low impact form of exercise so your joints and muscles are intact. Whereas in regular HIIT there is a lot of hopping and jumping involved which can lead to injuries,” she explains.

“Another reason that makes yoga HIIT circuit more effective is that it doesn’t aggravate injuries. Instead, it will help you rehabilitate,” says our yogini.
Plus, who can deny the fact that breathing techniques play a major role in yoga which can make or break your weight-loss endeavours.

So the bottom line is…
All we can say is that never underestimate the power of yoga. It might be desi but its international acclaim is a living proof that it has unimaginable things to offer when it comes to your mind, body, and soul. And frankly, weight loss is just a drop in the ocean.

So, try this yoga HIIT circuit if weight loss is on your mind.

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