8 ways to make friends at work and why they are important

Making friends at workplace is important, as it can make you happier. Check out practical tips to make friends at work.
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Socializing is a good habit and promotes brain health. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Updated: 21 Feb 2024, 07:42 am IST
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Friendship is one relationship we should all value. Many of us spend most of our time in office. Even though you would like to meet your school or college friends frequently, it doesn’t always happen. Making friends at your workplace can be a positive step for you towards better health. Yes, making friends at work can be quite tricky, especially if you are part of the same team. There can be competition and insecurity issues. But still, there are healthy ways to make friends at work and be happy!

HealthShots reached out to clinical psychologist Aishwarya Raj, who says that friendship at work can contribute to happiness.

Importance of friendship at workplace

There will always be a toxic co-worker, but friendship at workplace is very important. It can boost employee engagement, job satisfaction, and work productivity, says the expert. When all this happens, it can make you happy. Whether an employee works in an office or remotely or in hybrid work mode, work friendships can be beneficial for co-workers, businesses, the overall company culture, and team growth.

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How to make friends at work?

Here are some tips that can help you make friends at work successfully:

1. Have an open mind

It’s comfortable and easy to look for people who are just like us. They can be co-workers with similar roles, around the same age, or maybe at similar life stages. These factors are great starting points for friendships at workplace. However, possibilities for friendship exist beyond what is present in front of us. It’s important to remove blinders so that we are open for possible friendships and happiness, says Raj.

2. Attend or organise after-events party

Create the social connections or groups which you want by getting involved. If your company doesn’t organise events regularly, take initiative for your healthy connections at workplace.

3. Create an in-house club that encourages team meetups

In-house club events give opportunities to co-workers to take a break from work, office politics, and formal meetings, and engage with other co-workers on a different level.

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Create in-house clubs at workplace for better bonding. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Join a planning committee

Forming a planning committee in the company for employees means that the committee members are responsible for planning a year-long calendar of social events and gatherings. Sign up to organize different holiday events like Diwali Party, Thanksgiving, Pot Luck, and New Year Party.

5. Get online

Get engaged in online platforms that bring co-workers together. Many companies use unofficial WhatsApp groups and some have their groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Be friendly

A great way to make friends at your workplace is to be friendly with your colleagues and show them that you care about them. Prefer to be around people who have a positive attitude and make you feel comfortable. It will make you feel happy and positive, says Raj.

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7. Bond over lunch

Just like moving to a communal working area can help you spend more time with your colleagues, same way moving away from your desk at lunchtime is a great way to make friends at workplace. Start moving from your desk or even invite some colleagues out to lunch in a nearby café. This will give a chance to you and your colleagues to relax and have some casual chit-chat.

8. Be a team player

Being a team player is a great way to make friends at workplace. A way you can be a team player is by helping your teammates out in something you are good at. You can carry something up the stairs or make a drink for colleagues. It is a good way to show kindness and care.

However, remember to keep things professional at work, says Raj. While it’s great to have friends at workplace, remember that this is still a professional place. It means that it’s good to not ask questions about anything that is too personal or something that can make them uncomfortable. So, make friends at workplace but know the boundaries.

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