Want super-sculpted legs? Here’s how Rakul Preet Singh tones them up at home

Rakul Preet is all over Instagram with her latest post where you can see her burn those calories with an HIIT routine.
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Tone your legs with Rakul Preet. Image courtesy: Rakul Preet Facebook Page
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 28 Oct 2020, 14:34 pm IST
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Ladies, if you are still refraining yourself from hitting the gym, then worry not because bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh is here to help you out. This hottie has been caught on Instagram doing an exercise move that will help you lose some serious weight. Plus leg toning is up for grabs too.

It looks like Ms Singh has also not stepped into the gym just yet, much like you. And that’s why she shared an alternative to a leg routine that we usually do in the gym with a leg extension machine. 

But the best part about the exercise that Rakul Preet Singh is doing is that it is a mix of cardio and plank extension. That means in one move you can work on your glutes, thighs, calves, abs, arms, and back. Now that’s what we call a super fat burning move. And FYI, those leg extensions in your gym won’t do all this. So, it’s way better than that. 

This is how you can copy Rakul Preet Singh’s move at your home

First and foremost do a little stretching and warm up before trying this move as it is going to hit almost all the major muscles in your body. The warmer and flexible your body is, the better impact this leg extension exercise will have on you. Now follow these simple steps:


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1. Look for a heighted place where you can place your legs. It can be a bench, stool, or even your bed. Now place your legs on it. Ensure that your legs are hips width apart from each other.

2. Now firmly place your palms on the floor. Bend your knees a little. Now come on your toes and with an exhale lift your butt up, in a way that your body will make an inverted V.


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3. Now with an inhale you have to dip down. While going down bend your knees but don’t touch them on the ground. Now, repeat.

If you are a beginner then do 15 reps and 5 sets. Those who are at an intermediate level can do 25 reps and 5 sets. And people who want to take it a notch higher can do 30 reps and 5 sets of this exercise.

Turn this leg extension move into a cardio routine

You don’t have to do much to fire up this leg extension exercise. If you are looking forward to double the number of burned calories then add some speed to this move. Plus, don’t forget to focus on your breath. 

Also, if you wish to muscle up your legs then with every lift and dip hold your stance for two to three seconds.   

So ladies, it isn’t easy to look as hot as Rakul Preet Singh. Working out at 04:57 in the morning shows how dedicated she is towards her body. Are you?

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