Jump, squat, repeat! Lose weight and tone your legs at the same time with box squats

It’s time to give more power to your limbs with box squats. This twist on the usual squats is great for your weight loss and sculpting legs.
Toning up your glutes takes work but it is worth it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 14 Sep 2020, 11:32 am IST
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You can’t lose weight if you run away from squats. And we’ve proved that time and again. But today, we are here to tell you why you should also try your hands on box squats. 

What’s a box squat? Well, it’s an advanced version of squats where you jump on a heighted box, squat, and slowly get down from it. And trust us, they are power packed, induce more weight loss, and help get that booty in shape way better than you regular squats. 

In fact, here are the five amazing benefits of doing box squats:

1. You don’t need a separate cardio sesh
If you have less time in hand, want to hit all your muscles in one go, and burn calories too–then there isn’t anything better than box squats. This move is one of the best functional exercises that help in increasing your heart rate so that you can sweat more. And not to forget that box squats are a full-body workout because from your core to calves–every muscle is used in pulling off this move.

2. You’ll get toned legs
Jump, land, hold, squat, and reverse jump–these five steps make a box squat. And in all these moves, your leg muscles play a major role. While doing each step every muscle in your leg is contracted. And because your entire body weight is on your legs, you end up burning that wiggly cellulite in your butt and thighs–making your legs well-sculpted.

box squats
Activate your glute muscles with a box squat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Your leg muscles will become stronger
Quads are the most tricky area of your entire leg muscle. If that’s sorted, then not just your leg routine, but your entire fitness regimen can be under check. And there is only one exercise that can help you achieve that. Yes, we mean box squats.

When you jump on the box ensure that you go in a deep squat so that your quads are targeted properly. This will help in strengthening your muscles even better.

4. You will get better balance
Yes, you have to balance your body while doing a box squat to achieve better results. For that matter every exercise needs a balancing act. The trick to achieve that balance in your squat is to land on your sole and be light on your feet.

How can you judge that? Well, one of the ways of doing that is if your landing is not making a ‘boom’ sound then you are fine. This will help you stabilize your core which will eventually help in achieving better balance.


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Does accidental muscle cramps often hinder your workout? It’s time to consider box squat. Image Courtesy : Shutterstock

5. Strengthen your knee joints
According to a study published in the journal of Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation, squats are considered to be a rehabilitating exercise. When you do a box squat you stance is wider and the pressure majorly goes on the hind side. Due to this there is even distribution, and the impact doesn’t just come on your knees. That’s why your knees are totally safe when you perform this exercise.

Now all you need to find is a box that can take your weight and have a good grip. So ladies, get, set, and box squat!

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