Missing the bounce in your hair? Try these natural remedies to get thicker hair

Chemical-laden hair treatments are not going to help with thicker hair, but these home hacks will. Read on to know all about it.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 12 Feb 2021, 10:59 am IST
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Fuller hair is nothing short of magic. After all, your tresses can do so much: flip, sway, and bounce. But this isn’t possible if you lose your hair every now and then. Now if you are thinking of hitting the salon to fix this mess, then it’s time to alert you. Because these chemical-laden treatments are only going to make your case worse! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your hair look fuller. 

In fact, there is a natural way to do that. But before fixing your problem, it’s important to understand why your hair is losing its volume. Let’s ask the expert.

Not eating a clean diet can make your hair thinner, says Dr. Ajay Rana, top dermatologist and aesthetic physician

Volume is often the most overlooked aspect of our hair, even though it plays the most important role in achieving the perfect look. There are many reasons that affect the volume of your hair. Grease is often the main reason when it comes to flat hair. As you go out and about, a combination of humidity, dirt, and natural oil that the hair produces will start to weigh down your locks. 

Fine hair tends to turn flat, due to a lack of natural texture. Thicker hair has the natural tendency to stick up on its own, due to the structure of the hair strand. Moreover, the diameter of the hair shaft is much larger than finer hair, which gives it its stiffness and strength.  

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This structure provides a natural lift and hinders the hair’s ability to bend over and lay flat. As people get older, their hair naturally starts to lose volume and strength. The body also needs nutrients in order to create new hair strands and maintain healthy hair follicles. 

Protein is an essential component of your hair. Micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals, play a key role in the hair follicle growth cycle. Malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss. Vitamin D stimulates the hair follicles, resulting in hair growth. When a person does not get enough vitamin D, they may experience lack of volume of hair.

7 natural ways to make your hair look fuller
1. Eat hair-healthy foods

Diet plays an important role to build the strength and health of your hair. Proteins, fats, and certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for good hair health. Make sure to consume eggs in your diet. These contain protein, which is essential for hair growth and also helps with volume. They also contain biotin, a B vitamin that may boost hair growth and make it fuller.

You can also consume brazil nuts that are a good source of selenium, a mineral that is likely to improve hair health. You can take fatty fish that is a good source of omega -3, which may also improve hair growth.

2. Try essential oils

Use essential oils to boost hair growth and its volume. When using essential oils, always dilute them in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil to avoid irritation.

3. Use a thickening shampoo

Thicker hair starts in the shower with the right shampoo. So, always look for shampoos that have thickening properties. Frequent cleansing not only helps to keep the scalp healthy to support hair growth, but it also removes excess oils at the roots. This is especially important for fine or thin hair, as it easily gets weighed down. Also, infrequent shampooing can also lead to a flaky scalp, which can exacerbate hair loss.

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4. Use a hair mousse

A hair mousse can sometimes be bad for your hair, because it can be sticky, but it can help to add volume to otherwise limp hair. For fine hair, one should use an egg-size amount and work it evenly through damp hair, from the root to ends.

5. Don’t over wash

Too much washing of your hair can harm the volume of your tresses. There is no better way to make the tresses shine than the hair’s natural oils. You can distribute the natural oils by gently brushing the hair regularly. Wait for a few days before you shampoo, but do not prolong it for too long, because the product build-up needs to rinsed to maintain a healthy scalp.

6. Choose smart supplements

Taking a multivitamin along with a hair supplement can make a big difference to the volume of your hair. Add certain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for healthy hair follicle function and growth. Take supplements, which are high in anti-inflammatory nutrients like omega 3, horsetail and pumpkin seed extract. These contain powerhouse ingredients such as a bioavailable variety of keratin to improve hair growth.

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Hair massage is a must. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
7. Brush your hair regularly

Regular and gentle brushing can improve the hair’s thickness, because it helps distribute the natural oils that will help protect it from damage and add shine. Brushing every day, regardless of the hair texture, will also help exfoliate the scalp and remove dead hair.

So ladies, let your hair loose and let them bounce!

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