Is your lifestyle putting you at the risk of cancer? Answer these 14 questions to know

Published on:3 February 2021, 19:15pm IST

Some habits might look harmless but can lead to cancer. Take this quiz to find out whether your lifestyle is making you vulnerable to this disease.

risk of cancer
Let’s stand against cancer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Unfortunately in today’s time we are surrounded by various things that have the potential to increase our risk of cancer. Then may it be the harmful rays coming out of our laptop screens or our sedentary lifestyle. 

To us, all of these things look normal because they have become an extended part of our lives. And that’s also one of the biggest reasons why cancer cases are rising rapidly. 

So, on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2021, we want you all to take out two minutes to take this quiz. Why? Well, that’s because we want you to know how your lifestyle is putting you at the risk of this disease. 


Do you keep your cellphone near your chest?


Do you apply talcum powder around your genital area?


Do you practice oral sex without condoms?


Does your job entail sitting all-day long?


How often do you drink sugary drinks?


How often do you indulge in alcohol?


Do you floss or brush twice a day?


Do you burn incense at home?


Do you work in graveyard shifts?


How much water do you drink every day?


Do you eat in plastic utensils?


Do you take nutritional supplements?


Do your beauty products have parabens in them?


Do you keep your cell-phone next to you while sleeping?