6 best air quality monitors to keep indoor pollution in check

Did you know indoor air quality can impact your health? Try the best air quality monitors to improve the indoor environment.
best air quality monitors
Try the best air quality monitors and improve your health. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 6 May 2024, 07:15 pm IST
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Home is meant to be a place of comfort and safety. But have you ever put your energy into thinking about the air we breathe inside? Poor indoor air quality can trigger allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. To get rid of this and make the indoor environment healthier, using an air quality monitor can be effective. This electronic device is especially developed to understand the quality of air and track several pollutants present in the air. By monitoring these pollutants that generally come from outdoor air pollution, dust mites, air fresheners, smoke and more, you can gather valuable information about the overall health of your indoor environment. Find out the perfect air quality monitors of your home to improve your indoor air quality.

What are air quality monitors?

Air quality monitors are an electronic device, which can track and display the concentration of several pollutants present in the air. These machines measure various key pollutants to check the quality of your indoor air. The best air quality monitors for allergies in 2024 may measure fine particulate matter, coarse particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. By monitoring these pollutants, air quality monitoring devices can prevent respiratory illness, headache, nausea, eye irritation and other health problems.

Best air quality monitors

Check out this list of the best air quality monitors in India and choose the one that suits your needs:

1. AIRTH Smart Home AQI Monitor

Are you worried about allergies, dust or harmful chemicals lurking in the indoor environment? The AIRTH Smart Home AQI Monitor promises to accurately detect the PM2.5 levels, temperature and humidity. It uses laser scattering detection methods to provide quick and accurate results on the digital display. The machine comes with a sampling time of 1.5 seconds, which helps you check the quality of air in real-time. It is a lightweight and compact monitor that can be carried easily. Ideal to monitor the air quality in home, cars, offices and more, this monitor can get connected to your smartphone to help you track the quality of air in your home 24*7. This machine features a PM2.5 display, battery, WiFi connectivity, humidity display, power button and temperature display.

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2. SMILEDRIVE Portable Air Quality Pollution Detector

Start breathing easier today! Bring the SMILEDRIVE Portable Air Quality Pollution Detector Meter home now and improve the air quality of your indoor space. It promises to give you accurate pollution readings and display them on the screen. Classified in three different levels – green, yellow and red, this air quality monitor for home allows you to take control of your indoor environment. This machine may help check PM 2.5/10, total volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde. It also allows you to set the alarm to notify you about high HCHO levels. Ensure that you and your family breathe clean air by checking live graphs on the LCD screen. This device uses a super-sized 2200 mAh lithium battery for long usage.

3. Tempton Indoor Thermometer PM2.5 AQI Air Quality Monitor

Are you allergic to dust and dirt? Try this air quality monitor from Temptom. This temperature and humidity detector with air quality monitor uses sensor integration technology to track PM2.5 levels, humidity and temperature. It also promises to monitor PM2.5 category 1 carcinogen in real time. The brand claims that its product is sensitive, accurate and features four working modes. It has a built-in micro laser particle sensor, consumes less power and may help prevent the risk of stroke, heart disease and lung diseases by detecting PM2.5.

4. MOESAPU Air Monitor

MOESAPU Air Monitor allows you to take control over the air quality, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound, particle matter, temperature and humidity of your indoor space. To ensure the health of your family, this machine promises to provide accurate data. It comes with an LCD display screen that helps you monitor the pollution level of your home and take actions to improve the air that you breathe. This device has a rechargeable battery and is packed with Type-C cable that can last up to 4-5 hours. It helps you detect the air quality in real time, analyse the risk levels, features a detector alarm and colouring changing interface to avoid the risk.

5. HASTHIP 5-in-1 Portable Air Quality Monitor

Improve your quality of life by trying popular air quality monitors for asthma. HASTHIP 5-in-1 Portable Air Quality Monitor is especially designed to measure carbon dioxide levels, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. It promises to safeguard the indoor environment of your home to keep you healthy. This machine features a 1.9 inch ultra-high-definition LCD screen to provide a clear view of your air quality metrics. It also features colour-coded backlight shifts with CO2 levels to offer visual cues on air safety. The multi-mesh grip and optimal air circulation of this machine makes the readings precise. It is equipped with a built-in alarm to alert you when the CO2 levels exceed 1500 parts per million (PPM). This device has user-friendly operation as it is made with a one-button interface and intuitive 4-colour LED indicators for air quality assessment.

6. BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor

Live a healthy life by using this air quality monitor from BIAOLING. It uses DART electrochemical sensors to accurately detect the air of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particle matter, and volatile organic compounds. By offering real time data and mean value, it allows you to improve the air quality of your home. The LCD monitor screen helps you read the results and take actions accordingly. It is easy to operate as it comes with a functional button and one full page design. This device uses a rechargeable lithium battery and is packed with USB cable that can last up to 8 to 12 hours. The brand recommends charging this monitor for 6 hours before using it for the first time.

What are the benefits of air quality monitors?

  • Breathe easy: The best indoor air quality monitors help to track key pollutants like dust mites, volatile organic compounds and more. By doing so, these devices help take necessary steps to reduce them and their harmful effects. It can be helpful for people who are suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • Identifies pollutant sources: If you are not sure why your allergies are growing? An air quality monitor can help with it as they can check the pollution levels, and identify the potential sources of indoor air problems.
  • Maximises air purifiers efficiency: If you are using the best air purifiers, a monitor can help you optimise them effectively. They track the pollution levels, which helps you adjust the settings of the air purifier accordingly.
  • Reduces respiratory issues: Constant exposure to air pollutants can cause respiratory illness like asthma, chronic obstructive diseases according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Using the best smart indoor air quality monitors for allergies can help detect these pollutants and reduce the health risks.
  • Provides early warnings: If you have pre-existing respiratory conditions, the best indoor air quality monitors for smoke can provide early warnings. According to a study published in the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, air quality monitors can help avoid exposure to high pollution levels.

How to choose the right air quality monitor?

  • Identify your needs as it will help you select the one that suits you the best.
  • There are different types of air quality monitors. Choose the particle counters to measure particles in the air, gas detectors for monitoring various gases like carbon monoxide or radon and multi-sensor monitors to get comprehensive air quality data. You can even go for smart monitors that can get connected to Wi-Fi for remote monitoring.
  • Look for monitors that are designed to provide accurate readings. It will help you take preventive measures.
  • Make sure that the product comes with an LCD screen to provide you real-time measurements, trends, historical data and more.
  • Choose a monitor that is compatible with smartphone apps or other platforms like Google Home.
  • Check the size of the machine and choose the one that is easy to carry and store.
    So, add your favourite machine to the cart today to improve the air quality of your home and enjoy a healthy life!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How does air quality affect human health?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that breathing pollutants can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, mutagenicity in the cells throughout the body and more. There are several harmful effects of poor air quality on human health, including stroke, chronic pulmonary diseases, lung cancer, pneumonia and cataract.

  • What is healthy air quality?

The AirNow states that an air quality index between 0 to 50 is good and possess little or no risk. AQI between 50 to 100 is acceptable, but it may be a risk for those who are sensitive to air pollution. When the AQI rises to 301 or higher, it becomes hazardous.

  • What are some tips to improve indoor air quality?

The UN Environment Programme suggests some tips to improve the air quality like minimise the emission of waste, reduce the use of coals, use public transports, minimise your exposure to pollutants by avoiding traffic during peak times, monitoring the air quality, using face masks and more.

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