Don’t think you judge other people? Then take this quiz and prove yourself

Published on:30 January 2021, 18:34pm IST

There is a huge difference in having an opinion and being judgmental. Take this quiz to check which category you fall in.

Judgemental hai kya? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Oh please I’m not the judgmental types! You must have heard a lot of people claiming this. But to be honest, deep down inside we are all opinionated about one thing or the other. Well, let’s just put it this way: this is basic human nature.

But there is a very thin line between being opinionated and judging people on the basis of their appearance, ethnicity, and other such parameters. And when this line is crossed, you end up hurting others as well as yourself. 

So are you just opinionated or terribly judgmental? Well, let this quiz help you figure it out.


Do you always look for flaws in other people?


Do you like the company of people who are different from you?


Do you tend to label people as soon as you meet them?


Do you have a problem trusting others?


Do you tend to jump to conclusions without listening to the entire story?


What’s likely to be your first reaction if someone wears something inappropriate to work?


When someone shares their achievements with you, how do you usually feel?


How would you react if someone mispronounced a word?


What are your thoughts about people who text only in acronyms?


Do you like gossiping?


A friend gives you an inexpensive birthday present. What would your reaction be: