These 5 home remedies for toothache can make the pain disappear

Aches and pain in the gums and teeth can leave you uncomfortable. But these 5 home remedies for toothache can help.
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Shreya Gupta Published: 29 Oct 2020, 16:43 pm IST
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What’s the second most annoying thing after period cramps? The answer to that one is definitely toothache! If you’ve never had your sleep disturbed due to sharp tooth pain, consider yourself blessed. But, if you know what we’re talking about, you’ve probably suffered from one of the most painful experiences known to humankind.

Toothache can occur due to multiple reasons ranging from a growing wisdom tooth to cavities. But, the pain caused by these multiple conditions can get really bad and even become unbearable. Soon, the pain starts to affect what you eat, drink and the way you talk. 

So, what do you do in such circumstances? The first step is to visit a dentist. However, if you don’t have access to one immediately, you can follow these 5 tips to ease the pain:

1. Dab some clove oil

Do you remember your mom telling you to put clove in your mouth to ease toothache? Turns out, this home remedy involving clove is backed up by science. A study published in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, it was found that clove oil application is effective when dealing with dental pain management.

Another study published in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research concluded that clove has anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties that can help deal with toothache.

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Yes, clove oil can help ease your toothache. Who would have thunk it? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.
2. Rinse your mouth with saltwater

Rinsing your mouth with salt water acts as a natural disinfectant that can help reduce inflammation. Doing so can also kill the harmful bacteria present in the mouth. What’s more, it promotes healing.

All you have to do is rinse your mouth with warm water containing about half a teaspoon of salt.

3. Garlic to the rescue

Garlic is considered to be a superfood because of the several health benefits it has to offer. Did you know that easing toothache was one of its multiple benefits? In a study published in Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine, it was found that the presence of allicin in garlic provides it with antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Hence, garlic can be quite effective in killing the bacteria causing pain.

4. How about some tea bags?

Some teas such as green tea, hibiscus tea and black tea contain a compound called tannins. In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, tannins proved to help ease the debilitating gum pain. So, brew yourself some tea to take care of the throbbing toothache.

5. Peppermint oil can help

Peppermint is used for multiple benefits but one can’t deny that it has been used to deal with toothache for many decades now. Peppermint essential oil can prove to be extremely soothing when toothache distresses you.

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In a study published in the European Journal of Dentistry, it was noted that the methanol content of the peppermint oil has powerful antibacterial properties that can be effective when fighting toothache. However, essential oils need to be diluted using a carrier oil in order to avoid any further harm.

A word of caution

You have to ensure that you meet with your dentist if the toothache becomes regular or is debilitating. These home remedies can definitely help in soothing the pain but medical examination will help you understand any underlying cause behind your toothache.

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