Suffering from sinusitis? Stay away from these 7 foods to avoid an infection

Whatever be the season, a sinus infection can make your life miserable if not treated well in time.
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Headache lingering on top of your nose points towards sinus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:09 pm IST
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Believe it or not, food plays an important role in calming and aggravating a pre-existing health issue. It applies in the case of sinusitis too! 

Sinus or sinusitis is basically a kind of nasal congestion. In this condition, the cavity around the nasal passage becomes inflamed. Cold weather and allergies like dust, etc are some of the major causes of this issue. 

Sinus symptoms vary from person to person. Some feel pain around the nasal area, some might experience severe headaches, nasal congestion, and even breathlessness.   

The situation becomes trickier, if you eat something that aggravates your sinus symptoms. That’s why nutritionist, Dr Lovneet Batra wants you to stay away from these seven foods, if you have sinusitis.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt might be great for your gut, but not if you have sinus. The problem with this combination is that it increases the production of phlegm, which leads to more congestion. Even if you want to include this in your diet, avoid consuming at night.

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Skip curd if you have sinus, according to an expert. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Bananas

“Yes, it might sound shocking, but bananas increase the congestion by impacting the production of phlegm. Also, one thing we need to understand is to note the time and season when bananas trigger the sinus. Although it happens majorly in winter, I would also recommend sinusitis patients not to eat a banana at night and sleep. This can clog your nasal cavity and you can experience shortness of breath,” she explains.

3. Rice

According to Dr Batra, a lot depends on what you are combining your rice with. “If you eat rice with yogurt, then this can actually increase inflammation, but if you eat rice with ghee and dal then they are anti-inflammatory in nature. The best time to eat rice is during day time,” she recommends.

4. Wine

When you drink, your body releases histamine. This leads to an increase in congestion, and the symptoms of sinus become more evident than usual.

5. Tomatoes

“Tomato again leads to inflammation, although it depends from case to case. Also, arthritis patients should definitely avoid raw tomatoes, as it can lead to an increase in inflammation,” she warns.

sinus causes
They might be good but not if you have sinus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Red meat

When it comes to red meat, then it is a protein rich food. High protein can lead to mucus accumulation in the body, and this can also increase the congestion, worsening the already-existing sinus symptoms.

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7. Amla

“Without a doubt, amla is a superfood but not if you have sinus. Many patients come to me and share that after eating or drinking amla juice, they experience itching in their throat and after a while, the congestion makes their case worse. This happens because of the sourness. So, if you also feel the same, then you should avoid amla,” says Dr Batra.

“You can totally indulge in warm herbal teas, soups, and other hot bowls of comfort food for quick relief from sinus. Coconut oil, ginger tea or juice, and honey are potent in lowering the inflammatory response of the body,” she concludes.

Now that you know, we hope you’ll avoid these foods and keep your sinus in control!

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