Sore and heavy boobs? Apply cabbage leaf and bid adieu to the pain

Lactating mothers complain a lot about their breasts being heavy and sore. For them, using cabbage leaves can be a wondrous hack.
breast pain and cabbage
Cabbage is here to rescue your sore breasts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 23 Jan 2022, 11:00 am IST
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It might sound bizarre to you but on social media, this piece of information is making a lot of buzz. We are talking about how cupping your breasts with cabbage leaves can help you deal with breast-related issues. There are claims that it might also help in reducing the chances of you getting cancer.

Isn’t it literally a bouncer? Well, that’s why we want to dive deep into this topic, and see whether there is some truth to it.

Here’s what the study has to say

A study published in the journal of JBI Library of Systematic Reviews reveals that if you feel pain and stiffness in your breasts, applying cabbage leaf can definitely help.

And if you are a lactating mother, who is dealing with engorgement issues, this cabbage hack can be a savior for you. Apart from that, it can also increase the duration of breastfeeding, which means that you nourish your child better without any hassle.

Now let’s read an OB-Gyn’s take on the link between cabbage and sore breasts
The good news is that even doctors recommend the goodness of cabbage leaves, when it comes to sore breasts.

Breast pain
Don’t ignore your breasts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Dr Astha Dayal, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology at Meddo (a Dr Astha Dayal Health Center), cabbage leaves have been used as a natural method to relieve breast engorgement by lactating mothers for a long time. This has been proven by small randomized studies and anecdotal evidence.

Cabbage leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and absorb some fluid from the glands of the breast, while chilled leaves also provide cold fomentation to the inflamed breast tissue. All in all, they have a soothing effect and relieve the pain and engorgement.

“It is easy to use, safe, effective and inexpensive, and thus popular as a home remedy for the treatment of engorged breasts, especially on day 3 of delivery when a sudden increase in milk production happens, or while wearing the baby, when the frequency of feeding is reduced,” tells Dr Dayal to HealthShots.

However, if engorgement turns severe, and you develop mastitis (meaning the breast gets infected, mostly due to cracked nipples) and you find that cabbage leaves do not help, or you develop fever or flu-like symptoms, don’t delay a visit to the doctor.

Mastitis, if not treated in time, could worsen and become an abscess needing surgical treatment.

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Breast pain
Sore breast won’t be a barroer between you and your baby. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How can you apply it?

Well, according to the study applying cold cabbage leaves is what is going to help your sore breasts. Just cut the cabbage into half, gently peel a layer (this layer will form a cup), now use this cup type layer to cover your breasts, and you can then wear a comfortable bra to keep this cabbage leaf in contact with them.

So, all the new mommies who are struggling with their sore breasts can take the help of cabbage and chillax!

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