7 types of people you need to leave behind in 2020 for your mental health

If you want some peace of mind, you should definitely stop being around these 7 types of people.
people you should avoid
It’s always better to stay away from those people who take away your peace of mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 16 Dec 2020, 13:27 pm IST
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It’s said that you’re a sum of all the people in your social circle. Hence, you’ll flourish when you’re surrounded by supportive people and experience your mental health deteriorating when those around you are negative.

At times, we do know that certain people are toxic but we find it difficult to cut them out of our lives. The thing is that their negativity will eventually catch up with them. You see, no amount of meditation or yoga will give you peace of mind if those around you are constantly creating chaos.

There are various studies that state that people around us have an impact on us. Turns out, if you’re surrounded by people who pull you down, it can end up affecting your hippocampus which is the most important part of your brain.

You can’t deny that when you’re experiencing emotional turmoil, your productivity takes a dip. Eventually, it drives you away from success. This only causes more agony and disappointment.

The only way to remove toxicity from your life is to get rid of people who cause it. Before you step into 2021, cut these 7 kinds of people out of your life:  

1. The gossip girls

Well, let’s face it – people who are bitching about someone in front of you might also be bad-mouthing you with others. Well, it’s the basic nature of those who gossip.

people you should avoid
You can’t achieve anything with gossip mongers. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. The lords of negativity

Well, no one wants negativity in their life. So, why hang out with people who are negative? Such people always see the cup as half empty and can never help you achieve your goal. They will always show you the downside of what you want to do. This will cause you to stagnate while others grow.

3. The cry babies

They are the biggest victims of this universe. Unfortunately, these people won’t be able to support or advise you on anything because of being preoccupied with their own tragedies.

4. The lazy ones

This group doesn’t need any introduction. They will end up missing out on most opportunities in life because ‘they don’t feel up to it yet’. Before you also get influenced by their lack of action and laziness, we say you make a run for the hills. They sure as hell won’t be coming after you.

5. The manipulators

Diplomacy can be a trait but being manipulative is certainly not. Manipulative people don’t even think twice before making decisions that will benefit them, even if it means throwing you under the bus. The worst part is that they’re so subtle and convincing about their actions that you won’t be able to identify them easily.

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people you should avoid
Dealing with toxic people is stressful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. The judgmental types

These people do not believe in the term ‘constructive criticism’. They judge you from head-to-toe and often come across as very insulting. Such people hardly respect your opinion and try to push you to believe in what think is right.

7. The self-obsessed ones

People who are all about ‘I, me, and myself’ can never be supportive or even interested in your issues. They’re usually very disassociated. Hence, they’re not good listeners and neither do they care about others.

It may seem like a long list but cutting such people out of your life will benefit you in several ways. From enhancing your confidence to giving you peace of mind, you will see a positive change.

So, ladies, it’s time to bid adieu to a few people this year.

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