Are you brave enough to find out if you’re a toxic person? Then take this quiz

Published on:5 November 2020, 18:06pm IST

Nobody chooses to be toxic, but life and its circumstances can instill some toxic behaviours in us. This quiz will help you identify them in you.

toxic person
It’s time to look in the mirror. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

You seem to be quite the daredevil, all ready to take this test. Frankly, no matter how you do on this test, the truth is your willingness to take it in the first place suggests that you want to grow. 

No one is born toxic. But whatever the reasons might be, toxicity not just hurts the other person but it also takes away a lot from you.

According to experts, stress and undue pressure inculcates this toxic side in people, who more often than not are unaware of their toxic behaviours. 


Do you criticize people for no rhyme or reason?


Have you ever bitched about someone just to earn brownie points?


Do you always look for the negative side of the story?


Do you feel a sense of authority when you win an argument?


How would you rate yourself when it comes to being friendly towards others?


In a conversation, what do you do more often:


Do you constantly check up on people about work and their whereabouts?


Do you often remind people about their past mistakes?


Do you blame others for delays and other lapses?


How do you react when someone confronts you?


Do you often overhear negative stuff about yourself?


Have you ever insulted someone in front of others?


Do you make people feel guilty for their mistakes?


Have you made fun of people in public?