7 bad dating habits you must give up for a healthy relationship

If you are in a relationship and want to make it work, you should leave these 7 bad dating habits today. Otherwise, gradually, your relationship can become toxic.
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Aayushi Gupta Updated: 18 Mar 2024, 02:00 pm IST
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We are who we are, and we may not change that. While it is okay to want to be loved for who you are, even with all your imperfections, certain habits can harm your relationship. Since the dating world has changed in so many ways, you should also leave some bad dating habits, otherwise they might turn your happy relationship into a toxic one.

7 bad dating habits to avoid for a healthy relationship

1. Stuck into the texting trap

In today’s digital age, it is easy to rely too heavily on texting as the primary mode of communication. While texting can be convenient, it often lacks the depth and nuance of face-to-face interactions. “To foster genuine connections, it is crucial to move beyond texting and spend quality time together in person. Whether it is going for a walk in the park, trying out a new restaurant, or engaging in a shared hobby, prioritising real-life interactions can strengthen the bond between partners and deepen mutual understanding,” explains matchmaker and relationship Coach Radhika Mohta.

2. Linking dating profile with social media profile

Nowadays, it is tempting to link dating profiles with social media platforms such as Instagram. But this can take away the chance for someone to know exactly who you are. “Viewing each other’s stories, posts, and life events on social media profiles forces you to form a perception about each other based on their social media presence, but it never shows who you are actually in the real world,” adds Mohta. So, it is always better to keep dating profiles separate from social media accounts to foster a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

3. Assuming that first date will a fairytale moment

While it’s natural to hope for sparks and chemistry on the first date, it is essential to control your expectations and avoid putting undue pressure on the experience. Mohta says, “One of you may be anxious or take time to open up on a first date. This, and there are several other reasons, that could lead to a first date not turning out to be as you may have imagined it to be.

So, expecting butterflies may be an unrealistic expectation that you should avoid.” Instead, open the first date with an open mind and a willingness to get to know each other. Make sure, with a second or more dates, you are keeping an eye on red flags!

4. Being a maximiser who never settles

In a world of endless options, it is easy to fall into the trap of constantly seeking something better. The mentality of being a maximiser, always on the lookout for the next best thing, can prevent you from fully committing to a relationship. Constantly comparing your partner to others or seeking perfection can lead to dissatisfaction and resentment in a relationship. Instead, focus on appreciating the unique qualities of each other and nurturing the connection you share.

Taking a break in your relationship
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5. Rushing into physical intimacy

While physical attraction is an important aspect of a romantic relationship, it’s better to go slow and don’t rush. Mohta advises prioritising emotional connection and mutual respect over physical intimacy if you are looking for something long-term. Building a relationship based on trust, communication, and compatibility lays a foundation of a genuine connection.

6. Believing what they say

First, don’t come up with your version of how charming the prince is in fairy tales. The expert says, “Words can be deceiving, but actions often speak volumes about a person’s intentions.” Instead of solely relying on what someone says, pay attention to how they behave and treat you. By observing their actions and trusting your instincts, you can make more informed decisions about the potential for a healthy relationship.

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7. Not planning a new date

While dinner and movie dates can be enjoyable, incorporating more active and engaging activities can add variety and excitement to your relationship. Whether it is hiking, cooking classes, or exploring a new city, planning activity-based dates encourages teamwork, communication, and shared experiences. By stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things together, you can strengthen your bond as a couple and create lasting memories.

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Plan new ideas for dates to know each other better. Image courtesy: Freepik

Breaking free from these seven bad dating habits can pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Prioritise real-life interactions to enjoy the journey of getting to know others. Instead of solely focusing on physical appearance, make sure you pay due importance to emotional connection, mutual respect, trust, and compatibility. By making conscious efforts to break away from toxic dating habits, you can make your relationship work!

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