Don’t feel sexually attracted towards your partner anymore? Bring back the spark with these tips

If you've been missing the romantic fireworks lately, here's how to regain sexual attraction towards your partner.
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Purvi Kalra Published: 5 Sep 2022, 06:30 pm IST
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The strong foundation of any relationship is based on love. It’s a feeling that keeps a pair glued together. But what is equally important is to have deep physical intimacy with your companion. Having a physical attraction towards your better half can deepen the bond. There is nothing like that fierce energy when you feel the freshness in your relationship, and find it hard to keep your hands off each other. But what happens when you lose that spark? Let us share some tips on how to regain sexual attraction in a relationship!

For some people, that initial sexual attraction wears off and the novelty fades away. But for others, the physical attraction completely vanishes and becomes hard to overcome. Health Shots reached out to Dr Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist and the head of the department of mental and behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare, to find out ways to rekindle that sexual spark.

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Tips to regain sexual attraction in your relationship

1. Understand that it’s normal

Firstly, it’s important to know that it is normal to lose sexual attraction toward your partner. Every relationship goes through its share of ebbs and flows that, with effort, can be overcome.

2. Keep a check on the stress in your relationship

It is okay to have differing opinions and conflicts in a relationship. However, prolonged stress between a couple can add to the loss of sexual interest and attraction towards your better half. In the words of Dr. Chhibber, “You must figure how your dynamics and relation with your partner are shaping up. If there is a lot of stress and problems, it can interfere with your desire within a relationship.”

3. Make an effort to resolve conflicts and reduce stress

Knowing that conflicts are inevitable, a couple should not leave the stress-causing factors unattended for long. If you wish to keep the spark alive and relation going, then ensure that you are sharing and discussing the problems and stressors you both are experiencing. Resolving conflicts together just strengthens the couple, and they always emerge out stronger and better in every aspect.

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4. It’s always fun to experiment with your sex life

Dr. Chhibber says, “Identity what are your needs and desires that you would like to share with your partner which could help you experience greater satisfaction.” You can spruce up your sex life by communicating directly about your needs to your partner so that he/she can understand and improvise your sex life accordingly. This may help you regain the lost sexual attraction.

5. Open communication is the key

Together, you must try to figure out if there are anything you may not be enjoying anymore in your relationship with your partner. Talking will help to bring back connection in a relationship. “It is equally important to be able to speak about these as well,” adds Dr Chhibber. If you keep yourself open to communication and understand each other’s varying needs, then that lost fire can be easily revived.

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6. Seek help if required

Apart from the aforementioned factors, you could also be experiencing some kind of medical/physical health related aspects that could interfere with your reduced pull towards your partner. Identify those and seek help for the same to regain sexual attraction in a relationship.

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