Just 3 to 6 eggs per week are enough to keep your heart health in check

Boiled, scrambled, poached, or fried – Whatever way you like to eat your eggs, make sure that you eat them in moderation to keep your heart health in check.
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ANI Updated: 11 May 2021, 05:33 am IST
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Egg is one of the most nutritious food items on the planet. It contains all the major nutrients and is a powerhouse of energy. Including an egg in your breakfast will not only keep you healthy but will also help in maintaining your weight. And this study will help you understand the benefits of eating eggs daily.

Consumption of three to six eggs per week lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, suggests a recent study.

The study conducted by Xia and her colleagues from Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, suggests that there were U-shaped relationships between egg consumption and the risks of incident CVD and total death among general Chinese, and those consumed 3-6 eggs/week were at the lowest risk.

Eating eggs in moderation is the key
More specifically, consumption of more than 1 egg/week was associated with 22% higher risk for incident CVD and 29% higher risk for total death; on the other hand, consumption of less than 10 eggs/week was associated with 39% and 13 % higher risk for incident CVD and total death, respectively.

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In addition, researchers pointed out that the influence of egg consumption seemed to be different across CVD subtypes. Individuals who had higher consumption of eggs were more likely to have increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and ischemic stroke, while the elevated risk of hemorrhagic stroke was only found among those with lower consumption.

The current study was conducted based on the project of Prediction for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk in China (China-PAR), which was established to estimate the epidemic of CVD and identify the related risk factors in a general Chinese population.

A total of 102,136 participants from 15 provinces across China were included, who were all free of CVD, cancer or end-stage renal diseases at baseline. During up to 17 years of follow-up, 4848 cases of incident CVD (including 1273 CHD and 2919 strokes), and 5511 total deaths were identified, with over 90% follow-up rate.

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A piece of previous Chinese evidence from the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) study indicated that low to moderate intake of eggs (about 5 eggs/week) was significantly associated with a lower risk of CVD in comparison with never or rare consumption (about 2 eggs/week).

However, lacking participants with consumption of more than 1 egg per day limited them to further assess the influence of higher egg consumption. In the China-PAR project, about 25% participants consume 3-6 eggs/week, and the percentage of participants consuming more than 1egg/week and less than 10 eggs/week was 12% and 24% respectively. 

Overeating eggs might hit your dietary cholesterol
Benefiting from the wide range of egg consumption, the present study firstly demonstrated the potential adverse effects of too much egg intake among the Chinese population.

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The removal of limits on dietary cholesterol in the most recent US and Chinese dietary guidelines have provoked a considerable reaction. Both the American Heart Association and the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association subsequently released scientific reports and emphasised that “dietary cholesterol should not be given a free pass to be consumed in unlimited quantities.”

Also, listen:

Considering the rapid increase of both cholesterol intake and hypercholesterolemia prevalence in China, measures should be taken to encourage the public to limit dietary cholesterol intake.

Meanwhile, those with rare egg consumption could be recommended to eat a bit more in the future. This novel evidence should be considered in the update of guidelines on dietary cholesterol and CVD prevention for the general Chinese and probably for other populations in the low-and middle- income countries.

So, place your bet on eggs and don’t forget to consume at least one egg every day. 

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