Mother’s Day gifts: 7 best picks for your mom’s wellness

Are you planning to surprise your mom on Mother's Day? Check out this list of the best Mother’s Day gifts.
best mother's day gifts
Check out these best Mother's Day gifts and surprise your mom. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 9 May 2024, 10:05 am IST
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Mothers juggle a million tasks and fulfil everyone’s needs, but often forget to prioritise their health and well-being. This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate these amazing women in our lives by pampering them with gifts that remind them to “take care”. Trust us, nothing can feel more satisfying than making one’s mother feel special inside out! Carefully chosen gifts can show you love, care and respect for your mother. From fitness tracker to yoga mats and massagers, let us explore some of the best Mother’s Day gifts to show that her wellness matters to you!

7 best Mother’s Day gifts

Shower your mom with lovely yet healthy gifts on this Mother’s Day. Check out this list of the best Mother’s Day gifts in India:

1. Fitness tracker

If you want to help your mom track her health, gift her the best fitness tracker. This one from Noise might be a good option as it features a vibrant round display and stylish metallic finish. This smartwatch consumes less battery and makes the pairing process hassle-free. It promises to take care of your daily health by monitoring your blood oxygen levels and more. This fitness tracker may also track your sleep, monitor your heart rate, and stress measurement and help your mom track her menstrual cycle. With its battery life of up to 7 days, this tracker can run up to 2 days. This can be a great motivator for moms starting a new fitness routine.

2. Yoga mat

Yoga is the most effective way to improve your physical and mental well-being. If your mother practises yoga or is planning to start her fitness journey, give her the best yoga mats. The Westlife Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mat claims to help you practise yoga with comfort. With its thickness of 6 mm, this yoga mat may provide optimum balance and cushioning for beginners. It features a non-slippery grip and wave texture on the bottom. This mat is made using high-quality non-toxic and eco-friendly material, which provides a comfortable grip and durability.

3. Full Body Massager

With age, pain may become an unwanted part of life. So, what can be better than gifting the best full-body massagers to your mother? This one from Dr Physio comes with 4 massage heads, including wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping and rolling heads and a protective cover. This massager may help provide deep-tissue massage to relieve pain. It comes with an ergonomic handle to provide targeted massage on the neck, back, shoulders, legs, buttocks and toes. By producing light vibrations, this massager may help stimulate the blood flow to help your mom feel energised. With its simple design and convenient use, this massager makes for a great gift for your loved ones.

4. AGARO Scalp Massager

Juggling work daily may lead to stress. So, consider gifting the best head massagers to your mom. This scalp massager from AGARO comes with four heads, which can rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. It may help to provide a soothing massage to stimulate hair growth, reduce stress and provide deep hair cleaning. It is a cordless head massager that has 3-speed settings, which you can use to enjoy a relaxing massage. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this massager is compact, portable and comes with 1 year warranty.

5. Running shoes

Early morning jogging and running sessions can help your mom improve her lifestyle. Gift her this pair of running shoes for women from Adidas. These shoes feature a rubber outsole and mesh material. It is a lightweight and breathable shoe that can help protect from harmful impact forces. Available in different sizes, this pair of shoes may elevate your mom’s running experience.

6. Air bikes

Cycling is one of the best exercises to improve your overall health. It can enhance the range of movements and improve your joint health. If your mom doesn’t feel comfortable cycling, you can also gift her an air bike, which works the same as a bicycle. This indoor cycling machine offers aerobic workout, lower body, low impact, cardiovascular workout of hips, legs, calves and buttocks. It may help lose weight, minimise stress on joints and burn more calories. This fitness bike may also improve memory, and brain functioning, lower blood pressure, improve your sleep, and blood sugar levels and help you stay energised. It features dual action handlebars, a tension controller knob, an LCD, an adjustable seat and ergonomic seating with back support.

7. Compression socks

If your mom suffers from leg pain and swelling, give her a pair of the best compression socks. These bamboo compression socks from HEELIUM claim to reduce swelling, cramping, and muscle fatigue and boost quick recovery. It may help improve the blood circulation in the legs and provide more oxygen by increasing blood flow through your toes, feet, heels, calves and legs. Made from skin-friendly material, these socks can help prevent foul-smelling bacteria, absorb sweat and keep your feet warm.

Why are fitness and wellness products good Mother’s Day gift ideas?

These gifts are a win-win for various reasons!

  • They promote self-care: Moms often put their health and wellness on the back and prioritise their families. Giving the best Mother’s Day gifts for moms like smartwatches or yoga mats can promote self-care and mental well-being by reminding them to prioritise their health and happiness.
  • Boost energy: Regular exercise can help enhance the energy level of your mother and allow them to tackle their daily activities with ease. Choosing some healthy gifts for Mother’s Day like air bikes or running shoes may help your mom feel energised and healthy.
  • Relieve stress: Moms have several responsibilities on their shoulders, which may be stressful for them. By giving them head and body massagers, you can provide them with relaxation, and improve their mental health and overall well-being.
  • May enhance self-esteem: As your mom achieves her fitness goals and sees an improvement in her strength, endurance and overall health, she will experience a boost of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Support long-term health: By giving fitness and wellness gifts to your mom, you can help improve their health in the longer run by reducing the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and more.

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How to choose the right gift for your mother?

Here is a guide to help you choose the right Mother’s Day gift for your mom:

  • Start by assessing her preferences and interests. Does she enjoy intensive workouts or relaxing activities? Then choose the right gift for her that she will love.
  • If your mom loves high-intensity workouts, airbikes can be a good option. Look for features like adjustable resistance levels, comfortable seats and more to ensure an enjoyable workout experience.
  • In case you are considering fitness trackers as a gifting option for your mom, choose a tracker that comes with GPS tracking, health monitoring metrics and sports modes.
  • For moms who love relaxing yoga sessions, nothing can be better than gifting a yoga mat. Make sure that the product is eco-friendly, and provides better cushioning, balance and comfort.
  • If you are looking for massagers, choose a product that is portable, compact and versatile. In the case of running shoes, look for products that come with proper cushioning, support and stability to prevent injuries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What are the psychological effects of gifts?

Surprising your mom on Mother’s Day with a fitness and wellness gift will not only improve her health in the long run, but also instantly enhance her mood. According to the American Psychological Association, when you give a gift to someone helps activate key pathways in the brain, thus eliminating the stress to take away the joy. Gifts can trigger the release of dopamine, thus providing immense pleasure and happiness.

  • What is a gift for a fitness enthusiast mom?

If your mom is a fitness enthusiast, consider gifting her workout equipment like air bikes. You can also give her yoga mats and encourage her to practise yoga, which can help enhance her mental and physical wellness.

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