Try this no-jumping HIIT cardio routine to tone up your body

Thought cardio wasn’t possible without jumping? Lose weight and tone up your body with this HIIT routine with no jumping based exercises!
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 31 Mar 2022, 13:34 pm IST
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One of the first lessons we’re taught when it comes to cardio is that jumps are mandatory. But, effective techniques and routines, like Tabata or movement training, have shown that it’s all about the movement! Even low impact exercises can help you lose weight. Hence, we’ve designed a routine of 10 no-jumping exercises that you can do to lose weight.

Here are your 10 moves, minus any jumps, to tone up

Start your stopwatch, ladies! You have to perform one exercise for 20 seconds, take a 10-second break, and then move to the next one:

1. Alternate lunges

These need to be done just like the normal lunges. The only thing you need to remember is that when you switch your leg, you need to be extremely slow. Go as deep into the lunge as you can and maintain your posture. Keep your hands on your waist to maintain balance.

no jumping exercise
Begin your muscle gain journey with lunges exercise.
2. Squat hold lateral walk

Keep your knees shoulder-width apart. Now, get into a squat hold and move laterally to the left side. Take two lateral steps towards the left and then two towards the right.

no jumping exercise
Hold that squat.
3. No jumping burpees

Raise your hands up, get into a squat, crawl towards the front, perform the cobra pose, crawl back, get into a squat, stand up, and bring your hands up again. That’s how you do a no jump burpee!

4. Mountain climber

Do these mountain climbers the usual way but keep the movement low on speed. Keep your core flexed while doing it.

no jumping exercise
Let mountain climbers do the weight loss talking. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Squat

Classic squats are the perfect way of toning up without jumping. If you’d like to introduce a variation, the sumo squat is a good choice.

6. Lateral lunges

Well, this one is excellent for your inner thighs. Keep in mind that when you go down, stay there for as long as possible.

no jumping exercise
Try side aka lateral lunges. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
7. Squat punches

Stand straight, get into a squat, rise up, perform two jabs (from each hand), and then, get into a squat again. Keep doing this for 20 seconds.

8. Sidekicks

You can choose to do it alternatively or work the right leg for 10 seconds and switch to the left.


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9. Squat pulse

Get into a squat in the beginning. Go as deep as possible and stay there. Now, start performing the pulses. Don’t get up! Just stay in the squat position and feel the pulse for 20 seconds.

10. Bridge pulse

Now, this is the last one in the circuit! Get into the bridge pose. Now, do pulses but only using your glutes. Keep in mind that the rest of your body should stay still for 20 seconds.

no jumping exercise
Ever felt like your butt is numb after sitting at your desk for hours on end? Well, it could be dead butt syndrome. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Now, take a break for 30 seconds! Beginners can do 2 rounds of this circuit. Intermediate students can opt for 3 such rounds, and those of you who have touched the advanced level can do 5 rounds.

Here’s why jumping too much isn’t good for you

If your launching and landing are wrong then even the simplest of all jumping exercises can negatively impact your joints. If you’ve experienced pain in your knees and ankles after doing rigorous jumping exercises, like skipping, you already know what we’re talking about.

What’s more, if your landing is wrong, then you might twist your ankle and sprain your leg muscles. In the worst-case scenario, a ligament tear can occur.

So, skip the jumping part and do this circuit for a toned body!

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